What did you do to your TJ today?

Picked up the LJ 4 weeks ago and have done a few things. V8 ZJ tie rod, finished up welding the Barnes 4wd miter cut bull bar onto the bumper with some trick tabs for lights, painted the new to me UCF ultra high clearance belly skid and aluminum engine skid and painted the Barnes steering box skid.

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Check out the big baller and their 1st post?!!

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I posted a pic on another forum on 2/9 in their "what did you do to your TJ today" thread. It's still on that same page almost a month later. This forum has had 26 pages since then. :cool:🇺🇸

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The only other Jeep forum I go to is slower than molasses in hot July!!!!!!
At this point I don't think you're going to stop...4, 5...and technically isn't one of them your daughters?


We all know you're right. My hoarding tendencies are going to take over at some point, if they haven't already. And yes, the green 97 is my daughters, although she's beginning to wonder if she's ever going to get to drive it.

The trade target is actually a Rubicon, I just learned. I drove past it last night, looks to be stock height, black, with a hard top & auto. That's the extent of what I know. What does an unmolested rubi get on the open market these days?
there is an 03 rubi on marketplace for $8k. 195k miles & 130 miles away, which could be a factor. Looks ok in the pics, but no frame pics & no interior pics. That's my only data point right now.
Ignore the filthy Jeep....we've had lots of rain lately and I've got a spot on my property that I drive through daily that gets a bit sloppy. But I think I finally settled on a color. I messed up and will have to resize the "4.0 L" and I'm out of this color vinyl, so I'll fix it as soon as I get more. I had it measured out accurately, but then cut the old file instead of the file I had resized 🤦‍♂️. I was wanting to go with a shade of green to be a little different, but I tried this first and it looks decent. Not sure if green will look any better, or even as good.


Played with my pinion angles a bit today, got them where I want them and had the day off from work, so went out to play on the trails a bit. Trails were in surprisingly ok shape given the warm weather.

On a side note, the pinion seal I just replaced is leaking. I guess the groove in the yoke was a tad too deep. Fingers crossed the new seal and Yukon yoke solve the issue.

Bonus if anyone recognizes this gatekeeper.
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I know that trail all too well. LOL.
Been working on a cowl intake... Going the Ford route, but a bit different than normal with the supercharger placing the throttle body pointed towards the firewall. I'm running meth in boost but it still gets pretty hot out of boost. Not enough to be a real concern, but colder air is more efficient and when I roll onto the power and it starts spraying it'd be nice if everything is starting out 20 or 30 or whatever degrees it may be cooler than what it currently is.

Picked up an intake from an Econoline first. It's considerably bigger around, about 2" in diameter if I recall. Too big to fit under the hood without having to move a bunch of stuff and/or some complex bends to route the air back, I tried. The intake snout on the Econoline box is almost 3" in diameter.

Then I got a Windstar box. Considerably smaller, and the intake snout is only 2" or so. I'm not exactly sure, because the junkyard sent me everything but the snout. But with the snout removed, the plastic housing necks down to 2.25."

So, out came the dremel, RTV and rivet gun.

I cut a hole in the firewall to fit the 3" snout. The inlet end of both air boxes have the same angle taper, so I cut them both off and grafted the larger Econoline snout onto the windstar box. Then shortened the windstar box MAF sensor section.

Now it's 3" in from the cowl, and 4" out with the main center section of the paper filter being 3" as well. Hopefully this isn't too restrictive.

Ordered a 4" to 3" 90° elbow, two 3" elbows, and a 3" to 2-5/8" elbow to make the last bend into the throttle body. Waiting on the elbows and the 3" aluminum pipe.

So it'll come off the end of the housing, turn across and above the valve cover, run down the middle towards the firewall, then dip back down to behind the supercharger.

Should work. Better than the 2.5" warm air intake I had on there previously, anyway. Then I'll finish it all off with some tacky gold heat tape.

Some parts arrived, just mocking it all up

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More with the tank now that its out I know the leak is coming from the filler opening area... I cant pinpoint it but I dont think I want to fix this and ill replace it. Now I also need to find replacement clips for the fuel lines too




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Redhead steering box installed ✅

Torque converter finally seated fully ✅

Transmission installed ✅

Transfer case installed ✅

Missing 4 transmission mount bolts ✅

still have to bleed the PS system & then do the m/c & shorty lines. Then she’s gonna be back on the road!! Been down since early November. 😩