What did you do to your TJ today?

I put some rubber on the base frame on the outside where the seat cover rubs against it. The sharp edge destroys the tab that holds the cover on.

When I repaired my base foam, I notice a fair bit of damage was from the side rail of the metal base frame cutting vertically up through the outside bolster. These rails have a round on the edges but over time it isn't enough to prevent this relative thin rail from cutting, especially on that outside bolster as it takes the worst of it. I cut two strips of denim from the legs of a worn out pair of jeans and glued them onto the bottom of the foam in the red shaded areas with some 3M Super 77 for reinforcement. I noticed the new foam has some kind of woven reinforcement incorporated in the yellow shaded area, but I added the same fabric strips on the new foam as well before installation.

Helped my son with his '99 Sahara today. Fixed his battery cable ends, an almost completely broken ground cable on the battery terminal, loose ground strap to the hood, found that his battery hold down was off and put that back on, fixed his console bezel that was loose and coming off, and diagnosed a bad blower motor! More work to do, but not bad for a Sunday afternoon.

Been thinking about replacing the positive end of cable but it's a bit of pain.
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I really don't know. I'll find out. He texts me every so often with pictures of when we were all growing up. My favorite uncle and too far apart in age!

yeah it would be good to know...he could be in the north island where I am or way down south,
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Tons of water from snow runoff, and it rained for 2 days, but the trails opened so off I went. So. Much. Mud. What a nightmare to clean, never again.
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I know this scene very well. @inkedrose was kind enough to send me he 6" Xenon fender flares so at least I kept most of it off the windows. This weekend I installed the Alpine scented fresh air mod

compared to

See the difference?
Drove a 6 hour round trip from home to the north side of Cincinnati. Then drove it to a buddies house 30 minutes away and the radiator upper cap popped when I shut it off. I'm just glad I wasn't 3 hours away in Cincinnati when it did it. I guess it will be another O'Reilly special to replace it since it is under warranty. I wish the remaining Mopar radiators weren't $500+.