What did you do to your TJ today?

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@starkey480 helped me do Jeep things yesterday, and the armor and bumpers all did their jobs.

I’m not worried about those scratches or the exhaust (I’ll cut it back someday). Though, I should probably remove the tire next time.

It’s a lot of fun learning new things by watching and then attempting to apply Garrett and his friend’s advice.




Today I installed wide fender flares when I got home from work. I prefer the look of tires sticking out but in Oregon you have to cover the tread. Pictures included this time. Also included a picture of the new bumper and tire carrier I installed Saturday. Note the modified OEM third break light. The RC bumper has some serious bearings on that tire carrier pivot.







did you reuse the original foam gasket where the ac & heater core hoses pass through the firewall.. if not what did you use for the seal? Mines a little past nearing the end of its functional life & the silicone I caulked the firewall to the foam is starting to fail from deteriorating foam.

I did - It's not in great shape, but seemed like it would work fine for now. If i need to replace it, well ... I'll deal with that when I get there, lol.
Drove the TJ into work today with the soft top in Safari Mode (all windows zipped out), cruisin' 60-65 down the freeway.

I don't know that this much fun is legal in California, but i did it anyways. :D

I've been in that configuration for almost two years, and cruising around is still the best part of my day.
I drove a 1972 in high school. Everyone asked what year Bronco/Blazer it was...lolz. :D

I don't mind them, just prefer the more classic looking front end a bit more. I'd probably take one for the right price. ;)

I don't know that this much fun is legal in California

Don't let them find out, they'll ban it or force the attachment of a prop 65-esqe warning placard to the dash, under penalty of law...:sneaky:
I just went to get it and the flashers were on. WTH. :unsure: Battery was fine and there's no way they've been on for 3 days and he didn't notice the flashing. I had a fog light issue not long ago that made the fogs come on at all hours (multifunction switch).
p.s. On a positive note, the BM LED taillights looked great flashing when I pulled up. 🥳

This would be a great testimonial to read on the product page. lol
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