What did you do to your TJ today?

So, I put a little dye and some refrigerant into the a/c. Drove it around for 10 or 15 minutes. Checked it with my new fancy UV light.


Guess it's time to order a compressor (and accumulator).
I hate u-joints.

Got everything done this weekend I set out to do.

Replaced all the ball joints. Ordered the Jeep ball joint tool kit (with the angled cup, etc.) and between it and my ball joint tools, I had exactly what I needed to get them done. Those went well, unlike the u-joints. I hate doing u-joints.

Also had new wheel bearing hubs waiting to be installed for a while. Figured I'd maybe do axle u-joints at the same time. As long as it would be apart. But like I've said.....

And they fought me. Almost ruined the passenger axle shaft. Got it saved and the new joint in....with a couple needles slipped. Sigh. Got it apart again and repositioned correctly. Had to go ask the wife to help. She comes out and basically stands there while it all goes together slick and quick. Arrgggg. Stupid u-joint. Feels feels good now. Driver side fought me. Imagine that. Went together ok, but the stub shaft was stiff. Couple taps on the inside of the saddles and it settled in nice. Hate em.

Good thing I went ahead and replaced them. Driver side was dry. Way dry. Red rust dust dry. Makes me feel better about suffering through their replacements.
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Threw on the Zone front spring retainer kit I've had laying around since putting the lift on.
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Welded up the brake pad divots on the driver side knuckle. Did the passenger side last summer.

Almost cross threaded the passenger side caliper bolt. Grrrrrr.

Now that the lift has been on it for a year or so, it should have settled enough to go back and double check axle alignment (track bars, pinion, etc.) And make sure everything is square, parallel, angled and greased and then have an alignment done.

It already feels a bit more stable on the highway and the heavy braking (when needed) isn't causing it to dart around like a twerking meth addict.

And then there was the struggle with the grease gun........
Why did you choose to go with spring retainers?
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I don't know what you did to that too picture. But the contrast. That's a great shot!
Cool tailgate too

The pic was cropped, and like you said, added contrast. The tailgate will find it's way on.... Just need to finish all the other projects first. Now that I pulled the rear bumper, I have to get/fab a replacement minimalist one. Also have hydro assist that's been waiting for two years to go on.
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