What do the Jeep Wrangler and the entire Tesla Lineup have in common?


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Feb 27, 2017
According to Annual Auto Surveys:

Customer satisfaction despite below average reliability.

“Almost a cult like following.” Ya think?

Jake Fisher of Consumer Reports advises shoppers to carefuly consider whether they should purchase these vehicles, especially if they are relying on them for primary transportation. 🤣

He also says, "While owners of these vehicles may be satisfied with their purchases, it doesn't always mean you will be happy with the car, too."

Excuse me, but a Jeep is not a car Jake.

We're accused of showing "intense owner allegiance."

And willing to pay for maintenance and repairs long after the warranty has expired. (you haven't even begun to plumb the depths of our spending Jake)
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A Jeep gets tagged unreliable after it gets modded and beat to death. A Tesla needs an extension cord.

I may be out of context, but the TJ is reliable....we are 15-24 years post production and still hammering on ‘em.

Good thread , CR is for people who care what they think...I don’t.

They wouldn’t even begin to understand us tunneling into banks to keep these going.
The trouble is that some people think a car is a means of transportation. As a result all they are interested in is comfort, reliability, economy and environmental factors.

They are guilty of a category error. A good car has a soul, too. (And probably a petrol engine.)

You can’t explain to them how you can love a car. And we forgive the faults of those we love.
We're accused of showing "intense owner allegiance."

And willing to pay for maintenance and repairs long after the warranty has expired. (you haven't even begun to plumb the depths of our spending Jake)

mopar unreliability goes back much farther than that...I still wish Ford had purchased the Jeep brand when AMC was selling it

I'm sure Jeeps would have had 8.8" rears and 5.0L motors now
While I agree Chrysler reliability is an absolute joke, and has been for decades. Do you really want to use Ford here as a bench mark for reliability?:ROFLMAO:
The 4 wranglers I have owned have been the most reliable vehicles I have ever owned. Then again my other previous cars where a eagle talon, el Camino, s10 and a Ford Fiesta st. We have had less problems with the 2018 jl than we have had with the fiesta st in the first 3 years of ownership. Idk how they get off calling jeeps unreliable.
This years rankings for 15 worst vehicles are out



Some highlights

The Bronco didn’t score very well, but it did nearly double the score of its closest competitor, the Wrangler. Compared to other midsize two-row SUVs, it lacks refinement and on-road agility, leading to its low scores. It also took a hit for long braking distances, bad fuel economy, loud interior noise levels, and a predicted reliability score of 37/100.

I’m not sure how the Wrangler scored 20 points lower than the Gladiator, but CR says the Gladiator’s shortcomings don’t negate it as an option for truck buyers. The Gladiator still got middling road test scores, a low predicted reliability score of 40/100, and middling predicted owner satisfaction.

Consumer Reports compares vehicles within size segments, and in the midsize two-row SUV class the Wrangler can’t match the refinement and civilized demeanor of car-based SUVs. It got bad marks for the stiff ride, loud interior, awkward ergonomics and bad fuel economy. It also has bad predicted reliability at 27/100, and a low road test score of 34/100.
But if you read those "highlights", they're rating them as if they were grocery-fetching sedans. Refinement, on-road agility, gas mileage, noise, civilized demeanor, stiff ride. They're talking to soccer moms. Utterly irrelevant for most of us TJ folks. CR has no clue about "off-road" vehicles, probably thinks freshly graded dirt roads are "off-road".