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What does your TJ look like right this moment?



Oct 26, 2018
Pueblo Colorado
It really wasn't bad. I think 7 screws, and a few clips to pop out. I could probably do it in a half hour now.

I'm actually impressed with Chrysler on their interior engineering. I've taken apart a bunch of different cars, and this is the simplest I've worked on. Doesn't rattle either.

I second that super easy I even ordered those new lights today and will do it again this week.

04 LJ

My name is Chad and I am an addict
Supporting Member
Mar 12, 2019
Winterville, NC
Been siting like this since last summer. Overheated so I took all cooling system components out and never touched it again. Warm weather is coming and so are the parts - finally ordered everything. Ordered all parts based off Chris’s cooling system thread from years back. Was going to do the radiator but just found out there is a baby on the way so I’m gonna save that $300 for now. Stock radiator looks clean inside and doesn’t leak so we shall see. All other parts will be brand new.

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