What does your TJ look like right this moment?


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Dec 12, 2015
In the hills of WA
I'm embarrassed to even post these pictures but it will hopefully motivate me to get busy now that the weather is warming up enough that I can go out and wok in the garage.


I haven't been able to work on my Jeep for the past 3-4 years but I kept buying parts for it and then they were just stuffed out in the garage. So right now I have no idea what I do or don't have. So now that it is warming up I need to get it organized and inventory what I have. Then I can start to take it apart and get ready for my future plans.


I've got parts for my TJ and my daughters TJ plus parts for my SXS and Harley out there. And I need to get rid of all my old parts that belonged to motorcycles and rigs I don't even own any longer. I've got my work cut out for me.
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