What have you 3D printed for your TJ?

How do I design a new piece? I know nothing about CAD or design.

I want to replace the hood mounted washer nozzles but every replacement I have tried, even the adjustable ones, fire far too low. I need a wedge shaped washer under the nozzle to aim it higher.

What tools can I use to design the needed washer?

I work with CAD everyday. Send me one of your low-shooting nozzles. I'll design you one with better aim.
Wow.. that's a whole lot of links. Thanks.

TinkerCad is another program that's free.
I'll take a look, thank you. But if @SvtLdr is willing to help..

Thank you. I ordered those twice in hopes they would aim properly. Might have been after you posted that you used them...
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New automatic shifter Trim panel...

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