What if we had a "Things every TJ owner should know" thread

TJ Hunnicutt

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Apr 5, 2018
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I just had one of those epiphanies and wanted to get this in before I forgot it.

Here's the thought: every day someone (sometimes multiple someones) posts something really useful that every TJ owner should know. Sometimes it's in a thread specific to the thought and sometimes it's just something that comes up in another thread (the "what did you do to your TJ today?" thread is probably rife with nuggets of wisdom).

My proposal is to have a thread called ...wait for it... "Things every TJ owner should know" (yes, I'll be happy to change the title of this thread) that contains a single post for each such idea and, if applicable, a link to the thread that contains further information. This "thread of threads" would be an invaluable asset to newbies and TJ Gurus alike.

Any time you post up a good idea, you would add a single post to this thread with a short, succinct explanation of the a idea addressed and a link to your "full information" thread, if any. Also, any time a member runs across a an idea in a post and they think is a great idea that should be in the "every TJ owner should know" thread, they can throw in a post with a description and link.

The only issue I see would be possible bloat in the thread due to duplication; so I have a question for @Chris...would it be possible to have a thread checked for duplicate links to other threads (technically, posts containing links that are already contained in other posts within the thread) and simply delete the duplicate posts? Being a programmer myself, I'm fairly sure it could be done but I'm not a web designer so the degree of automation that could be applied to it is completely beyond my knowledge and I would not want to add any additional administrative burden to Chris. In a perfect world, any new post could be automatically checked for containing a link that already exists in another post in the thread and the posting user could be informed that it is a duplicate...this would be excellent but may be impossible without major custom coding. A close second would be a daily check for dupes where the dupes are deleted and the posters of said dupes get notification that their posts were dupes and, as such, deleted. A third option would be a daily check for dupes where the dupes are deleted and no one gets any notification...still good. A last option would be a thread that just suffers from occasional duplicates.

Even if we had no way of having duplicates automatically deleted, I think it would still be worth it. Oh, hey, another question for @Chris; would there be a way to setup a single-thread search so that people could search just the "every TJ owner should know" thread? This could serve two purposes; 1) allow members to see if something they want to know about is in the thread and (much more importantly) allow members to do a search to see if an idea is already included before they add it to the thread.

Hopefully, Chris is not grinding his teeth and swearing at me in several computer languages at this point 😠 [IF MEMBER(TJ_Hunnicutt).DELETE THEN LIFE.GOOD]

So, after Chris chimes in on doability, tell me what you all think. Even if Chris can't add any special functionality for the thread, is it a worthwhile idea?
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Sep 28, 2015
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At one point I had a pay it forward thread going that someone had suggested. It seemed like a good idea at first, but as Blaine pointed out, the thread would eventually get bloated, derailed, and people would never know what was still available, what wasn't, etc.

Heck, one of the reasons I made the TJ How-to Guides and TJ Frequently Asked Questions sub-forums was so that people would have a section of "resources" where they'd be able to find guides and answers to some of the most commonly searched for topics.

Another thing I've done is gone out of the way to make sure that the welcome message sent to every new member of the site mentions filling out their profile so that we know what year, made, and model of TJ they have.

What I've found in all my years as a web designer (and running this site) is that people don't want to read or search. They want immediate answers, and they want someone to do the research for them. Sure, this isn't true all of the time, but I would feel very confident saying that 9 times out of 10, it is true.

Trying to get people to read a FAQ, or a thread like this would be futile. Some will read it, but far more will skip over it seeking immediate answers and not wanting to read or search.

Of course you have the type of person who gets mad when people ask a question that's already been asked before. They'll say something like, "Do a search", or "Learn how to use the search feature". Those people aren't accomplishing anything by saying that. All they are doing is potentially driving off new members, making others afraid to start a discussion (in fear that it may have been asked before), etc.

I've learned to embrace it. If someone wants to ask something that's already been answered before, I'll do my best to answer it or direct them to a thread that is similar to what they're asking.

Now having said all of this, your idea for this thread is not a bad idea by any means. I'd actually welcome it, and I thing it's a great thread for the TJ Frequently Asked Questions section of the site. So that's not to say I don't think it should be a thread, it's just to say that much like the What should I look for when buying a used Wrangler TJ? (and so many other threads), people are rarely going to search for a thread about this, they are just going to get on here, become a member, and post a new thread about what they should look for when buying a used TJ.

To answer your question about the search, like I said early, people don't use the search. Again, there are some people who use it, but 9 out of 10 times (probably more than that), people won't use it at all.

But by all means, start this thread, please! I think a thread like this would be great. If the thread gets really long, you can do what I've done here: Wrangler TJ Stock Specifications

See how I made the first post a "table of contents" or sorts? Each link links to a separate post in that same thread so that people can easily click the link and be taken right to that specific post within the thread.

This is how I would envision your thread ending up.

TJ Hunnicutt

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Apr 5, 2018
Texas, USA
Awesome, Chris. I really appreciate your input and I certainly understand your points.
What's funny is, I actually use the search for precisely that reason; to try to get answer now, without all that mucking about in hyperspace having to go through the whole "post a new question and wait for answers" thing...if it's already been asked, then the answer I need is already there and I can get it with a quick search or two. Analytical programmer's mind, I guess 🤓

I will cogitate on it a bit more and, if it still sounds like a plan tomorrow, I'll fire it up and come up with a few "seed" links. For now, think I'll change the name of this thread to be more to the point. And...done. Now it's a "what if" title to invite members to chime in with their thoughts.