What kind of locker for Dana 30 axle?


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Jun 18, 2018
2002 Sahara. 4.0L auto trans. 8.8 rear with LSD. 4.56 gears front and rear. 6" long arm lift on 33's. My question is what locker are y'all using? Pros and cons? I don't want to go air or electric. So lunchbox (aussie,spartan, lock-right) or Grizzly locker? I do drive highway and wheel almost every weekend. Also I live in the mountains of western NC. There's a lot of places I don't go because I'm not completely set up yet. Looking for advise.
#2 to the No-Slip locker made by Powertrax, that's about the best behaved lunchbox locker I'm aware of.

I ran one in my previous TJ for 7-8 years and loved it. Other good ones include the Aussie and the Lockrite made by Powertrax but those two click/ratchet through turns where the No-Slip is quiet which is nice when you're in a parking lot and you don't want everyone wondering why your front axle is making a clicking noise lol. Kind of like the sound a ratchet wrench makes but on a bigger scale.

I'd trust the No-Slip, Aussie, and Lockrite over other brands of lunchbox lockers.
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I had a 49 Willys that I installed Powertrax Lockrites in the rear Dana 41 and front Dana 25. Drove the Fordyce Creek trail 3 times and Rubicon once. Never had an issue. Still had the flathead 4 cylinder in it. Jerry is right about the ratchet noise. The noise never bothered me.
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I have run the No Slip and now Aussie. Personally I don't feel the extra 100 bucks for the NS is worth it just to not hear a slight tick when turning. But it is all a matter of opinion. Both are excellent off road.
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Powertrax no-slip was my first option. But does anyone have any experience with the Yukon grizzly locker?
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Per recommendation from Jerry, I installed the Powertrax No-Slip and it has been the best piece of equipment I've installed so far. I have no rear locker and have yet to get stuck or climb anything (within reason). I 've gone up some steep loose hills with full air in tires and the Jeep just kept on climbing. I have heard some clicking, but only on rare occasions.
Easy to install, I had to remove ring gear, the cross pin shaft would not clear 3:73 ring gear. I was in the process of rebuilding/refreshing the Dana 30 anyway so no issues.
On the trail, there have been a few times where the front felt like it was tight when turning, but nothing excessive.
NS is running on 32" tires.
I have the Spartan and it works perfectly. In 2WD on the highway you won't even know its there. The noise turning at low speeds is a non-issue. Once in a while you might hear a clank\pop but it's no big deal since you know where it is coming from. Outside of a suspension lift putting a lunchbox Locker up front is one of the best bang for you buck upgrades you can do. And yes on the trails when 4WD is engaged you will have less steering but on the trails it really isn't that noticeable since you generally aren't making turns like you would on roads
The LJ has been equipped with a Spartan locker.
Absolutely no issues, noises or problems.
Virtually invisible when in 2WD, Piece of cake to install.
I went with it as was the one will be delivered for the time I need it. The Powertrax that Jerry recommends is good and more proven on the field, won't hesitate on get one if ever need a second one.
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Why not an Ox locker? You don't specify, but I assume you are looking for the front?

EDIT - Read the title :) Front Dana 30 it is!
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I installed a aussie locker and in tight turns it does click , but not loud. On trails it locks up great in 4 wheel drive and haven't had to turn around yet. I do look forward to getting a rear locker someday but for now , im good to go.
Doing my regear next week. One guy will put a Spartan in, have another guy telling me not to use a lunch box type. With 35's he said it would slip. Anyone have issues running locker with 35's.
Installing a Detroit in the rear...and from reading I see most go with a lunchbox on the front....thanks for the input, Jeeps comming along.
I see you have a lot of knowledge on Jeeps...with my regear, TJ will not see many freeway miles, got the 44 and 30 HP axles and 35s tires...4.56 or 4.88 gears? It will fit in my trailer so I can haul most places.
I installed a torq master in my front dana 30 and it works great. Same manufacturer as the aussie but replaced the pins with key ways, longer warranty, 100% made in USA and outstanding customer support.
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