What other cool vehicles have you owned?

Fixed it for ya! ;)

TVR was well liked for its cars and the models it used at British car shows.

Not a single female photographer in the crowd. :ROFLMAO:

That's a hilarious pic, buddy. Thanks for that!

LOL! I have several books on TVRs and they have a lot of similar photos (that's NOT why I bought them!). If you go on line you can find many of them. They did it for quite a few years and I'm not sure how they got away with it. Different times I guess.
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While I was stationed in Germany in the early 80s I owned this 1.3 liter beast. (looked a lot faster than it was) I doubt too many if any here have owned this auto.

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one of the teachers a the community college I attended in the very early 80s had a Simca. Wasn't like this one, it kinda looked like a small Peugeot from the 1970s.
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I love the red on your Vette, quite the garage you've had throughout your life! Is the Vette wrapped in some sort of vinyl? I want the color!
Yep, the color is called Satin Carmine Red and is an Avery Dennison color. It turned out great!