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What other Jeeps do you currently own?


TJ Enthusiast
Dec 9, 2018
West Georgia
Since I gotten a Jeep, all I do is look at other Jeeps, look for Jeeps on Craigslist, and look at pictures of Jeeps.

Post up what other Jeeps you have in your possession! I know this is a tj forum, but the tj came long after Jeep started. What else do y’all have?
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TJ Enthusiast
Supporting Member
Mar 30, 2017
Denver, CO, United States
Not one that many like, but I've also got an '02 Liberty that my daughter is soon to be driving. One of the reasons that I slowed way down on what I initially wanted out of my TJ was to get the Libby up to where I trusted it for her to drive. I rebuilt the complete suspension setup for front and rear, replaced the steering rack while I was there, rebuilt the AC, rebuilt the cooling system, replaced the rear axle, and put some other sundries into it to breathe some life back into it. I know they get a bad rap, but for a starter vehicle, it's hard to beat. I drove it for a while just to test all the work I put into it, and I've got no real complaints for what it is.
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Supporting Member
Apr 29, 2018
California, USA
None, the TJ is the only Jeep I have. I sold my 1949 Willys about 8 months ago. I had it for 18 years. Bought my TJ just before I sold it.
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TJ Enthusiast
Jun 2, 2018
Vienna, VA
My daily driver is a 2017 Cherokee I bought brand new almost 2 years ago. The TJ is new to me and am having a blast building it up!

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TJ Enthusiast
Mar 17, 2018
Los Angeles, CA, USA
My dads 88 YJ 4.2 project still in the process..needs paint wheels and tires uprgrade on the trans.. just had the engine rebuilt getting the jeep back tomorrow finally. I hope to go on wheeling trips with my dad and my whole family. Reason he bought it for we can fix her up and spend time together..we don’t really do family stuff together as we should..he was going to sell it but I told him not to in hope that we can go out wheeling together.




TJ Addict
Supporting Member
Oh the story my wife is tired of me telling. My "other" Jeep Is titled as a 1977 CJ5. It started out as the rustiest blue Levis Jeep I've ever seen. It ended up being combined with a maroon 4WD Hardware body on a 1972 "parts only" CJ5. Here it is "almost" finished but already drivable in 1991. My son and I on the bumper.

Here it is in 1997 with my (then) 14 month old daughter within a month of me selling it.

It spent a few years with at least two other Jeepers unill it was bought and raced by the last Jeeper for 18 years. Here it is in April of this year beside my other son's YJ shortly after I got it back.

It's ready to race but my main goal is to get it back to street legal so I can drive it on and off road again. The guy I bought it from this year said the title wasn't in his name but it was notarized by the "previous owner". Well it wasn't the guy he got it from, nor the guy before that. I'm not really sure how many others never had it in their name but the notarized seller was the father of the kid I sold it to in 1997 and he signed it over in 1998. I know this for sure because my name was typed in the previous owner section of the title that I received with the Jeep.


TJ Enthusiast
Sep 23, 2018
Pasadena, CA
None. The Wrangler and specifically the LJ is the only one that appeals to me.

FWIW I have owned a JK, a newer dd Grand Cherokee and an older TJ. I have never regretted buying any Toyota, but cant say the same for the Jeep line.
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