What should I use to clean diarrhea off my seats?

I have a friend with 5 girls. One got sick on a road trip and started a chain reaction. They bagged up 3 car seat covers and clothes and tossed them. Then he went to an auto detailer who took care of the rest of the interior of the minivan.

I'd unbolt the seat to get it on the driveway and soak it, soap up, vacuum with a carpet cleaner, repeat.
I was expecting a video of a near tip over or something cool!! The kid pooping in the Jeep is NOT cool. But it's worth the cost to be a dad.
I've had really good luck just pulling my seats, carpet and even doing couch cushions and whole mattresses, putting them on the deck and hitting them with a pressure washer. I know, it gets em totally soaked and people look at me like I'm crazy.
You know what? It works great and if you leave it in the sun for a few days or put a bigass fan on it from behind, it dries well and you can get anything out of it. Just make sure it gets the chance to dry completely in a few days or you will grow new stuff in the foam.
If you have bad spots on your vinyl, be careful, because a pressure washer will remove vinyl.

My dog yakked up the contents of his belly about 4-5 months ago and I cleaned it as well as possible, but still didn't get everything down by the seat rails. It never stopped stinking like dog puke and has been driving me nuts for a couple months. I finally did my seats and carpet as well as a rug from the living room and bedroom and couch cushions a few weekends ago. They all look brand new.

Man! that was a ton of shit!!
My 90lb male pit bull shit diarrhea on my wifes cloth light tan GM suv seats. That was a good 12”x12” disaster.

I thought she was gonna stab me in my sleep 🤣 I literally thought I was gonna be divorced

I ended up just cleaning it quite easily with a wipe up and handheld steam cleaner. I am pretty sure with how easily it came out, the fabric had to have been Scotchguarded tho

It didnt penetrate and sink in like I assumed it would
Marriage secure …phew

I have no idea if Jeep cloth is the same tho, so Id make sure you use some kind of Pet cleaner in the steam cleaner. Extra to remove the smell
Keep this in your jeep at all times