What should my highway RPMs be at?

I generally keep it between 2000-3000 RPM. Engine sounds best there.
As long as I'm not lugging the engine I'm ok with it.
Mine is the 5-speed so I can choose whatever gear I need depending on the situation.
I learned to drive stick without a tach, so I change gear based on engine sound. Tach is just for reference.
Hello everyone,
I live in France,
Highway speed is 80 MPH.
What is the correct rpm for the highway with L6, 4.1 and 31" tyres?
Thank you in advance for your answers


Math says this is the correct rpm.
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no way in hell that I am driving 80 mph in my Jeep. Runs great but I am retired and never running from the law, so……..
80 kph however is a reasonable speed for my rig, and requires about 2250 rpm.
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I was on Vancouver Island all week and struggled to follow the speed limit as the vehicle speedometer was very difficult to read in Kilometers/hour. I knew 100kph is approx. 62 mph soo I was constantly mentally try to calculate the limit. No one in Canuck land drives the speed limit as far as I could see.
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