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What synthetic line to run?


TJ Enthusiast
Feb 22, 2019
This is not a synthetic vs steel post.

I picked up a 9.5ti that I'm looking to run synthetic line on. The Warn branded stuff seems horibbly overpriced compared to others out there, but I don't know any other brands that are reputable.

What brand of line and where should I buy from to avoid some chinisium knockoff stuff? Or are the $90 for 100ft ropes on amazon legit and fairly decent?


Supporting Member
Ride of the Month Winner
Mar 23, 2018
Martinez, CA, USA
When I replace mine I will be going with a TRE rope.

Mr. Bills

TJ Addict
Nov 24, 2017
Area Code 530
I have a safety orange 85' TRE 3/8" dyneema synthetic winch rope with TRE Safety Thimble II spooled onto my new Warn M8000-S winch. It is too new for me to offer a detailed critique, but so far I am completely satisfied with both products. Kristen at TRE was a huge help when I was upgrading my winching system and switching over to synthetic winch rope and soft shackles.

TRE winch line and Safety Thimble installed.jpg

Tactical Recovery Equipment only sells quality gear, provides excellent customer service, and offers members of this forum a 10% discount from the prices published on its website.

As for the Spydura winch rope that came with my winch, it is currently boxed up for future use but I could be persuaded to sell it for a reasonable price if a forum member needs it.