What's the best thing you've bought for your Jeep under $100?

I agree with the LED interior lights, but don't forget the under hood light-- LED made a world of difference under there!

Oh, and new valve cover gasket 😂
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Used Bestop InstaTrunk.

Keeps my off-road gear and tools enclosed and secure in the event of a rollover and protected from a thief with the hardtop off.
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Gentex mirror with temp, compass and home link?

Previously had a garage door opener in Jeep which was 1 more thing to worry about when parked outside / doors off / etc.
Cameras (front and rear) if you have a double DIN system. Makes parking in my one car garage way easier. Each camera was about $25.
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I bought this to put in my glove box for nosy people that look through my stuff. 🤫
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Grabars before they went under.
Wish they were still available. I have the CMM grab handles in my cart for a while. Love the design but they won't qualify for mods under $100 but a stretch.

Painting the top of my hardtop white.
That reminds me.. painted the white underside of the Bestop Trektop NX black. Made a HUGE different in appearance. I have to do the inside of the soft door uppers..