Who isn't running a spare tire?


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Sep 28, 2015
Gillette, WY
I saw that @VirtualRussel isn't running a spare tire and it looks good!

Who else isn't running a spare tire? Pictures?

Do you think I'm leading myself towards impending doom if I don't run a spare tire on my vehicle and plan on going off-roading?
Out of curiosity, why are you thinking about removing it? Just for looks?

Think about driving this winter with your wife and little girl in the Jeep and you get a flat. You could change that tire in less than ten minutes and continue on your way, or sit around waiting for AAA.
Out of curiosity, why are you thinking about removing it? Just for looks?

Think about driving this winter with your wife and little girl in the Jeep and you get a flat. You could change that tire in less than ten minutes and continue on your way, or sit around waiting for AAA.

Yes, just for looks. But trust me, I hear what you're saying and it likely won't be coming off.
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I keep toying with the idea of removing my spare. Afterall, I haven't had any tire punctures or trail damage or even a flat since switching to the current generation of kevlar reinforced MT/Rs 6 years ago.

But then I think back to that one time I didn't run a spare tire while on Sledgehammer in Johnson Valley. That's when a rock sliced the sidewall of one of my previous generation non-kevlar MT/Rs wide open. It took a long time on the side of the trail to get that tire so it'd hold air, it took probably 40 tire plugs to get it so I could finish the trail and get back to camp.

So I'm torn between keeping it mounted and removing it. I'll probably keep the spare mounted, at least until I can afford another set of new kevlar MT/Rs... my present ones are getting pretty worn.

I just noticed, this is a really old photo...pre-Savvy, before they had come out with with their aluminum gas tank skidplate.


Back in the day when I didn't know any better and ran steel wheels...

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I've always carried a spare, and don't remember ever needing to use it. OK, once, back in my hot rodding days. Did a really smokey burn out to impress the ladies and ended up having to throw a spare on after melting the tread off a tire. That wouldn't count, would it? Other than that, never used one. I do know that I take two spares for the 'Bourbon when we head over to the basalt rock areas in Eastern Oregon, just in case. I run Toyo MT's on it and they tend to cut pretty easily with a heavy rig loaded down. Haven't needed to use them yet, but they are there just in case.

Sure as shootin', as soon as you don't have a spare you'll need it in the worst possible way in the worst possible place. That's coming from a belt and suspenders kind of guy. I've carried crap in my rigs for years that I've never used. With the way most people wheel, and where they wheel, new tire technology and everything else taken into consideration, a spare tire is a nice to have and not required for most of us.

On the rational side, no spare removes a lot of weight from the back of the Jeep. Probably over a 100 pounds by the time you factor in the wheel, tire, and carrier. That is not a trivial amount on a 3,500# rig.
I've been waffling back and forth about running with/without a spare for a while now. In the summer I use a Trektop NX and I think it looks a lot cleaner without a spare sticking up over the top of the tailgate line. With my hardtop I like the look with the spare.

The challenge is I started getting a lot of squeaking from the tailgate when I went to my 33" Toyo Open Country MTs due to the weight so I took it off. It definitely makes me nervous not having it but if I have to travel more than a couple of hours from home I'll throw the spare in the back. I have to many other things on the wish list so the Exogate keeps getting pushed down to the bottom.
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There are a lot of arguments both for and against. The biggest I can think of against is the amount of weight that a big tire-mine is a 315 - and the associated tire carry impose. I know for sure that weight on the moment arm has kept me from getting up some steep ledges. The advocates that I know against all carry wire and can stitch a side wall then fill with goo tire sealer. Don't mock it, it works for a while.
For? Well I have been wheeling since 1965. A few years. In that time I have ripped 2 sidewalls. One was in Moab. I had completed the climb to Top Of The World-Rose Garden. I had to back up just a bit to get to a parking spot out of the way. Piece of ledge stuck out just a wee bit. Just enough to go right thru the left rear tire. The next was in my freaking driveway. Sunken drive that had brick walls. At the top next to the sidewalk was one layer of bricks with edges. Ya backing into the garage I got distracted and put that GD edge right thru the sidewall.

My conclusion. I think I am going to take the spare off for running around the pavement. That and the Big Daddy carrier just weigh too much. Wheeling, well that depends. Am I alone? -spare Lots of support easy terrain maybe not.

My choice has nothing to do with looks, just silly stuff like mileage.

My motto is:To each their own.
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It's nice to have a spare in case you get a blowout in the trail or around town if you get a flat. I personally don't like driving anything without a sparep

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Rode without one on the jeep for a long time and when I put it back on I definitely noticed the difference in handling. My tailgate hinges are fine but the truck had a good amount of more sway and bounce in dips than without the 90 lbs flailing at the rear.

I have had punctured and sidewall issues with lousy tires but with a ten ply tread and three ply sidewall I have had good luck. If I were back in AZ with the siliceous rock I'd carry a spare but trail riding here is almost luxurious compared to that.

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Again, an old thread I'm resurrecting here, but since lifting my Jeep and removing the spare, (because I didn't buy a 5th 33) I like the look and the way my TJ currently handles. I don't see a need to drop another 3 to 500 dollars on a carrier + a spare only to weigh down my ride. Before I hit a trail, I'll get myself a used spare, mount it to a cheap wheel and plop it in the back. In the meantime, I keep a plug kit on hand.

End of the day, it is preference. But I was curious what others thought and searched out this thread.