Who makes the most aggressive tire?

Boggers are pretty gnarly. I ran bias ply Swampers on my XJ and they were amazing off road. Even in wet rocks they would grip. Soft, noisy, take a lot of weight to balance, and wear quickly were the trade offs.
The Interco SX2 is probably the best tire that they make for both on and off road if you are still wanting the gnarly huge knobs. Bias plys or die.
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LOL if you are trying to put these on anything but a straight up rock bouncer id call you crazy lol:ROFLMAO::ROFLMAO:. I remember seeing them when they first came out at an offroad show and thought damn im scared to touch those they might cut me!.
Whistlindiesel takes the cake.
The new Mickey Thompson Pro X might give the USD Sticky a run for it's money and they're available up to 58"! But they still pale in comparison Whistlindiesel :oops:

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there is a set close to me in my size, been for sale for 4mnths. i just been waitin to see if he ever comes off the price he wants 1400 for a set of 4 new.
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Boggers don't like being aired down below about 12 PSI unles you got beadlocks.



You all don't think people buy Boggers to run on the street? Now I'll admit the PO of my TJ was a BIG chested Blonde so that might have been part of the problem. It had a Pro Comp 4" lift and 33x14x15 TSL Boggers on it when I bought it. They came off the next weekend and I'd only run them when I was going to run trails.



You could feel each lug as it rolled up to a stop sign.
I'm partial to the looks of the Maxxis Trepador. I think it's the big squared off sidewall lug profile. I've never run them, have no idea how they perform, how loud they are, or how long they last. The fact that it doesn't seem like anybody around here runs them probably says something. I just think they look cool.
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Anyone know anybody running these?

Accelera Badak X-Treme​


Anyone know anybody running these?

Accelera Badak X-Treme​

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No but the 35x10.50 size caught my eye.
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