Why is there no cargo light in TJs?

Thanks for the link. I was thinking something similar but running the wires along the same path as the 3rd brake light wires and use a pin switch in the same location instead of installing it in the door jam.
Agreed on the routing. A much better OEM like switch and implementation could be done. (Opinion)
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Is it only the 03-06 models?
I don’t know but mine doesn’t have one and isn’t necessarily “missing” one either as I know some did come with it. I was looking at the JK dome light for mine actually not to long ago. I’d do something that tied into the doors and maybe a switch at the tailgate
I went the cheap and easy route. Got the idea from another member here, but can't remember who. I have one on the roll bar just behind the front seats and another one on the drivers side roll bar in the cargo area, no picture of it though. Velcro One Wrap (I think) holding them on. You can rotate it in that little plastic holder thing so you can point it where you want.

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