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Why it’s good to let your wife drive your Jeep

Cisco Kid

Been around the block...twice!
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Why it is good to let you wife drive your jeep.
Been talking for a few months to my Son ( JK,YJ ) and Nephew ( YJ )
about buying new tires.
Couple of days ago my wife drove the TJ to her sisters house about 20 miles away.

I got off work early and was actually reading this site when my wife returned and walked up me and said "Honey, I think we new tires on the jeep."
I replied, why do you think so?
She says "It doesn't really look good with half worn tread"

OK Honey...I want you be safe while your looking good in the Jeep.

5 New KO2's coming soon/
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Feb 3, 2019
Jefferson, Oregon
Mine is awesome. I lifted her 4Runner more due to the bumper and winch. We are getting it aligned and she’s like...the 275’s looks small now. Put 285’s on it. So, tires (KO2’s) had 24k on them, found a set of take offs off a new JL, cost me $100 after selling the 275’s. Love this gal!