Wildman's TJ is getting a face lift

A little more about the injectors.
The reason I'm looking at Accel or Holley injectors is because Ryan prefers them over OEM brands. I'd already bought the current injectors before I'd talked to him. If I'd asked him prior to buying I would have gone with Accel injectors.
While they are spendy from what he's explained to me they are worth the price.
Got one side done for today. I'll do the other side tomorrow.


The inside isn't as nice but it works.


And I've still got to get the pin height set correctly.

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I was just thinking oem might last 100-200k? Who can say these days though

Yes they do many times but that is also on a stock engine. I'm think about taking a chance on one of the ones I linked but I hate spending the money and then them not working and having to buy the more expensive ones later.
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Woke up @ 3AM with my right leg hurting so I crawled out of bed and went out to my recliner.
Took some pain pills and slept until 10AM.
So I didn't get out to the garage until after 1PM.

Started to cut out the second hole for the hood latch. And broke the anvil for the drimmel. Ended up cutting the rest with a air cutoff wheel.


Getting the bottom area is the hardest part.


But I got it done. I might have to shorten the hood prop just a little bit.


Ended up breaking the clip that holds the clip to the hood.


This is the backer plate for the latches.


You insert the nuts into it.


It all works and holds the hood well.

Worked on the winch today. Got it almost together when I realized I didn't have any oil for it like I thought I did. Warn specifies a non-detergent 30wt but I've also read where people have used 75-90wt mixed with some auto tranny fluid.

Had to go back and look at pictures of when I'd disassembled it to verify which way the intermediate gear was orientated.


Here is the disassembly picture.


The lock plate installed.


Top cover installed along with the motor. Will have to pull the solenoid plate back off and drill some new mounting holes for the relay assembly.



Here is the gear that came off the winch on the left side & the new gear on the right side.



I put the free spool lever on just to see how it looked but won't do the final install until I get some oil.


It looks better than I really thought it would.
WalMart here sells the ND 30 wt oil....you may find it at your local WM ??

My closest WM is over an hour away so I'll check out my NAPA and Autozone and see what they have, Or I'll wait until Wednesday when I have an appointment in Yakima which is where the WM is at.
I couldn't wait so I went out and got the winch mounted on the bumper.

It sits down in the bumper nice and easy. IMO it's not a bad looking combo with the Blue on Black.




Then I got the contactor mounted onto the bracket. Hook up the cables as a trial fit I might reroute them as I play with them more.


The positive cable will come off the + terminal and then I'm not sure yet which direction I'll route it.


Threw the cover on to see how it looked too.


I'll get the wiring figure out tomorrow.


Once I've got it all wired up I'll install the rope I got from @Blackjack