Winch wiring help


New Member
Jun 3, 2021
Greenville, SC
Hey guys,

Bought this 98 TJ with the winch on it and didnt think about asking about it or testing it. As you can see it's pretty old but someone cut the wires on it. I ordered a length of 4AWG battery wire and a butt connector/gel weatherproof enclosure for the splice but looking harder, I noticed no ground wire and this small ground wire that had been cut from the bottom bolt on the winch. My assumption is to connect a small wire from the bottom connector of the winch to the small nut on the side of the solenoid and and then a 4 gauge ground wire from the same connector on the winch to the chassis. Then splice and run the cut red wire to the battery, it should work if its not dead.
Posting pics of everything I could find as the old owner may have the other wires running to wrong spots. The label at the clutch is so worn, I dont know who the manufacturer/model is. Thanks for any help.