Words cannot describe this steering / track bar setup...


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Apr 9, 2020
Parker, CO
I found this post on FB about a '99 TJ steering......

What do y'all think....



Wow, that’s….. interesting. Like a blueprint for bump steer.
It drives so well that there’s no need for a sway bar either.
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If I understand it, there’s a dropped pitman and dropped frame side sway bar link, which should keep the drag link and track bar parallel-ish. So I wouldn’t expect a lot of bump steer. The dropped track bar link is supported by a bar to opposite frame rail (I guess to protect against the increased lever arm. So also OK, I guess. Needs a front sway bar though and I wonder what interference you would find when cycling the suspension (e.g. diff cover on dropped treacle bar bracket).
The kludgey frame side track bar mount looks like it would just invite death wobble. The bracket has a bolt through the top of it which acts as a pivot on another chunk of metal that bolts to the OEM track bar mount. Then there is the bar from the bracket over to the other side of the frame to keep it from pivoting. Any play in any of those joints and you have instant death wobble.