ZJ tie rod installed incorrectly?


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Jun 4, 2017
Minneapolis, MN, United States
I got my ZJ tie rod in, very happy with it. Is this backwards? Does it matter which side the zj adjusting sleeve is at?

Okay, I had a feeling something was up. I've had my Currie for so long that I forget what the stock setup is supposed to look like, but I believe it's like this:

Wtf? Is that jeep being held up by the steering linkage? That can't be good for it...

While that isn't my photo (just found it on the net), it was taken to prove a point: that the tie rod is supposed to have some bend to it when it gets hung up on something. If it didn't do that, it would snap right in half, or it would be so strong that it would take out something further upstream, which is worse.

This is why Savvy offers that heat treated Currie tie rod. @mrblaine was saying a while back that he designed that because too many people were complaining that the Currie tie rod would bend. The point is however, it's supposed to bend! If it didn't bend, you'd be far worse off.

But anyways, Blaine and Savvy made that tie rod that won't bend at all, just to satisfy the whiners (at least that's how I understand it). It doesn't bend at all, it just breaks in half, or it doesn't break and then it takes out something further upstream (which I wouldn't want on the trail).
That's one thing most people never give a second thought to. What happens when you strengthen one part on your TJ? You move the weak point upstream. Whatever is upstream may be something that you really don't want breaking.

I'd much rather replace a broken axle shaft on the trail as oppose to a ring and pinion :p
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