ZJ tie rod... what about drag link?


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Oct 27, 2015
Kent, WA
When a V8 ZJ tie rodis substituted for the flimsy TJ tie rod, is it important to use a ZJ drag link also?

Since they are both solid rather than a hollow tube, seems to me like the ZJ drag linkwould not necessarily be a significant upgrade over the TJ one.

Am I missing anything here, or can I just keep using the TJ drag link I go that route?
Thanks, that's what I figured. I just wanted to ask to be certain!
Look into the Crown HD steering kit. Around $150 on Amazon ($141.38 to be exact) Both rods, tie rod ends, ready to bolt on. The Curry correct link is around $550.00. Curry is pretty much top of the line without going to some of the really exotic set ups. I have run this setup on previous LJ and have had no issues other than one premature tie rod end failure. Quick trip to NAPA for a TRE and back in business. I have read stuff where guys go to all the trouble to piece this ready to go kit together from the junkyard and parts stores, but why? Can't see you save that much doing all the running around piecing it together. Was going to go with the Curry setup on the "new" LJ, but decided to save a few bucks with the Crown again after I priced the new wheels and Cooper tires.
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Thanks! The crown HD kit is the one I was looking at. For the price it seems like a good upgrade. I would love the Currie kit but my budget is a little tight at the moment.
Just remember to recycle the axle when you get the new steering in to make sure everything still clears and there's no contact between steering components with either the diff cover and track bar. This means taking the springs out, pushing the axle to full bump, full droop, and full stuff/droop on each side individually.
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Will do! I hear that's a must with any suspension component change.