On my 5th Wrangler. Started with a 95 YJ Sahara in 2004, then a brand new 05 Rocky Mountain, then an 06 Rubicon in 2007. Took a break when the kids were little, from 2012 to 2016 in a loaded Avalanche. Got the bug again, sold the Avalanche and got a rusty 95 Rio Grande. Kept it till this June (2018), sold it and got my current 04 Columbia Edition.
The Rubicon was the most modded out of all the ones I had, 4" suspension, 1" body lift, 35's, and plenty of goodies. But I realized that working enough to afford all of those mods meant that I never had time to use them. So these days I'm pretty happy with mostly stock. I just drive it and enjoy the hell out of it!!
Apr 28, 1985 (Age: 39)
Indiana PA
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What year is your Wrangler?
What model is your Wrangler?
Columbia Edition (X)
What engine is in your Wrangler?
What kind of transmission is in your Wrangler?
What mods do you have?
2" Suspension Lift, Trektop NX, 31" BFG A/T, not much else.