Bought the Jeep new, July 1996. It has been with me longer than my wife. Jeep has bought in Maryland and has been in East Coast states from Maryland to Florida. Drove cross country from Florida to Missouri to California and then from California to Florida to Virginia. Trailered to El Paso TX. Jeep was in Hawaii for 2 years and in Sicily (Italy) for 3 years.
Mar 19, 1974 (Age: 50)
El Paso. TX
Industrial Hygienist
What year is your Wrangler?
What model is your Wrangler?
What engine is in your Wrangler?
4.6L Stroker (Russ Pottenger: Internals, Ported Head, Ported Intake '99+ Intake Manifold)
What kind of transmission is in your Wrangler?
AX-15, 5 speed
What mods do you have?
Banks Exhaust header.
JB Conversions Heavy Duty NP231 with a super short rear output shaft conversion
Tom Woods Rear CV driveshaft
Yukon Gear Super 35 with Detriot locker and 4.56 gears
Fabtech 6" Long Arm (Fixed Length Control Arms)
Custom Rear Bumper with tire carrier
Aftermarket Front Bumper
Mean Green 200amp alternator
22mm throttle body.
Short Ram Intake with K&N filter from Rock-it-City.
H4 headlights