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    Savvy (nonexistent) customer service

    Ok. Follow me here. I think the OP is really @Chris on a burner account. He may be bored. Who knows. He starts this thread on an alt account to drum up drama. All the while sitting back and laughing.
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    Question about mounting spare tire on bumper vs tailgate

    I recently went the MORryde route. I will be going to 35in tyres. My original hinges were really tight and had to use both hands to swing the tailgate out.
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    Arizona Sedona, Sept 26, 27, 30, Oct.1st.

    Dropped it off on the 20th for the re-gear and other work. Between the shop and myself, other things were added to the to-do list it originally got brought in to get done.
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    What did you do to your TJ today?

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    Arizona Sedona, Sept 26, 27, 30, Oct.1st.

    I ain't got me Jeep back but maybe I could make it in my 2wd pick up ?
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    First Jeep

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    Okay, Fess Up. Who Has Named Their Jeep? (And What Is It?)

    Y'all are funny. I am enjoying this here thread :cool:
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    Arizona Rock Crawling Daily Driver

    You ain't mush taller now.
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    Where do people mount CB antennas on their TJs?

    I checked my SWR with relocating my ARR mount, all good. May check your guy to get my antenna to mount lower.
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    The problem with modern cars

    Same to you. :cool:
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    Tire shops don’t like 26 psi

    I shoulda waited to take the 4th off the spare before taking the pic of the 3. :p
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    First Jeep

    Welcome !