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  1. TJim

    Looking for cordless impact wrench suggestions

    *Noob Question follows* Can anyone help me understand, or point me into the right direction, in order to understand the Fastening Torque of impact wrenches? Is it as simple as it seems? For example: #1 -
  2. TJim

    05' JMT's Twin Teenager's Rubicon Build

    It might be a bit time consuming but I enjoyed the process! I built a custom one.
  3. TJim

    STICKY TJ Shock & Spring Specification Resource Thread

    What do you mean?? Please don't trigger this forum with a question about springs and ride quality! Just kidding
  4. TJim

    I added a Fox steering stabilizer so you didn't have to

    WJ doesn't have the same steering as a TJ. WJ uses a cross over system. Tie rod is connected to both knuckles. TJ uses a Haltenberger system.
  5. TJim

    Looking for suggestions on a replacement bottle jack

    Which is the preferred location to jack the front axle with a bottle jack? Is it the control arms/mounts? Is this what the manual indicates? Isn't it dangerous to hurt them?
  6. TJim

    Project: a daily driver off roader (4-cylinder)

    Thanks! I picked metric values, because mainly this is what I use in everyday life here in Greece. I am more familiar with metric. I know, it is more practical to just use the full length of the tubing. No extra steps needed. That's what I did. Thanks for the bumper! I have a whole thread...
  7. TJim

    How to align your Jeep Wrangler TJ

    I ended up setting my toe in today. I finally achieved a nearly perfect 0.3 degrees total toe in (factory spec), while my previous result was around 1.43 degrees, which was set by an alignment shop. They should not be so proud. (n) If you want to read more info, check my build (post #23 and...
  8. TJim

    Project: a daily driver off roader (4-cylinder)

    Here is a list of the toe in measurement, to have a 0.3 degrees as a result, for the most common tire sizes. 29" Tires 0.152" toe in 30" Tires 0.157" toe in 31" Tires 0.162" toe in 32" Tires 0.168" toe in 33" Tires 0.173" toe in 35" Tires 0.183" toe in 37" Tires 0.194" toe in 40" Tires...
  9. TJim

    Project: a daily driver off roader (4-cylinder)

    Time for some before results: My toe in was set by an alignment shop before, but unfortunately as the measurements showed it was completely off. My toe in was set at 1.43 degrees. That was way off! Time to set it right. Calculation of correct toe in measurement Having as a fact that I should...
  10. TJim

    Project: a daily driver off roader (4-cylinder)

    Firstly, my aluminum tubings, are 1 meter (39.37”) each. I marked their center, in order to place them in the rotors. I decided to not mark my tire diameter (31”) on them, but to calculate the desired total toe in angle, which is 0.3 degrees, using the total length of the tubings. (It was an...
  11. TJim

    Project: a daily driver off roader (4-cylinder)

    Today, I finally aligned my TJ. It was time to set my toe in and center my steering wheel. I followed the instructions of this amazing thread (*Τhanks @Jerry Bransford , for this amazing method): It was a pretty easy...
  12. TJim

    How to align your Jeep Wrangler TJ

    OR just do what @rasband said earlier. Use a convenient measurement. For example, mark 24" on the tubes. And set the toe in at 0.125" or 1/8"
  13. TJim

    How to align your Jeep Wrangler TJ

    Nope. I just used the other calculator to help @JMT realise that he doubled his result. As a synopsis, so we don't confuse the matter any further: 30" tire 0.30 degrees total = 0.15" Range: 0.18 degrees total = 0.095" 0.42 degrees total = 0.22" 31" tire 0.30 degrees total = 0.16" Range: 0.18...
  14. TJim

    How to align your Jeep Wrangler TJ

    Nope. I mean 0.125 degrees total. Check the photo below
  15. TJim

    How to align your Jeep Wrangler TJ

    Nope. The angle would be around 0.125 for a 29" tire. * I think you doubled that. So still not back into spec