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    Thinking of selling my TJ

    I am very particular about who comes up my driveway, sold my TJ to a personal friend and my LJ through a PM on here to a guy that was looking for a TJ/LJ. To many squirrels in the world to be looking at all my treasures !!!!! :unsure:

    Recommendations for off-road lights?

    I have been using Heretic Studio lights for several years on various off-road toys, haven't had one single issue and the light they put out is clear and sharp.

    Improving the cooling on our TJs

    Did you ever get your temp down to where you thought it needs to be?

    E Bikes

    I have a friend that has a couple of the Burro Max motor cycles , they are cooler than Fonzie.

    Current Atlas Wait Thread

    It becomes second nature after you use it some, I was fortunate enough to get some insight from a friend on how to shift the Atlas.

    Current Atlas Wait Thread

    You have to have a selectable rear locker for that application but it is the shit, I have a spool in my rear diff so I just drag my entire rear axle but in certain situations it works very well. If I ever have to go into my rear diff I would love to install an OX manual setup.

    Does anyone else have a friend like this?

    I learned a long time ago that you cant save the world or someone that doesn't want to save there selves, IMHO you need to cut this guy loose so he is not taking up so much space in your head and move on. I have had to cut several old school friends loose but it usually involved drugs or alcohol...

    Skinnies / pizza cutters

    To try and break the sidewalls down I pulled the Schrader valves out of the valve stems and drove it around the farm, It didn't really help, they sure did look cool though.

    Skinnies / pizza cutters

    Interco makes a 34 x 10.50, they are the Super Swamper LTB series. I had a set on on a Samurai that I just drove on the road.

    Looking for roll cage recommendations

    I wear my 5 point harness if I'm in the CJ buggy or RZR and on a trail, I don't even unload it unless I'm wearing the lap belt. When it starts getting a little dicey I put on my AXEL helmet, I have closed cell roll bar padding around the head area in both. It will still ring your bell on a...

    Looking for roll cage recommendations

    There isn’t enough triangulation in the stock cage for any serious off-roading in my opinion, I usually use 1 3/4” DOM for the main tubes with 1 1/2 “ bracing both with .120 wall thickness when I build a cage. You could use chrome moly and get away with smaller diameters, but it’s pricey.

    What is the torque spec for these bolts

    2 or 3 Ugga duggas with a Milwaukee stubby 3/8 should be plenty.

    My Dumbassery Knows No Bounds

    I was going over my RZR before a ride the next day and decided to change my engine oil, I promptly drained the rear gear case/differential and poured 2.5 qts. of fresh oil in the crankcase. After running it to check the level I found the crankcase way overfull, Luckily I had enough of the...

    What is your philosophy of life?

    If you have time to do it over you had time to do it right the first time, I lived by this when I was working and in everyday life as much as possible. I have have instilled this in my kids and starting on my grandchildren as well.

    Random photos: Got anything interesting, unique, strange?

    Them desert boys are a different breed !