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Recent content by Tob

  1. Tob

    Question about the catalytic converter

    I assume your TJ is a 4.0L? The O2 sensors only monitor the pre-catalytic converters, not the 3rd main converter; cutting it out won't make a difference to the PCM. I had the same code and replaced all the O2 sensors and got a replacement Flowmaster Y-pipe that included both pre cats and a main...
  2. Tob

    Rocky Mountain Billy Goat Build

    That's the windstar, right? What do you mean by 'bite the bullet'? I thought those were cheap.
  3. Tob

    WTB: Nv3550 shifter

    That was in 2018
  4. Tob

    WTB: Passenger air vent dark slate gray

    Looking for an air vent in dark slate gray, passenger side (not the center vents). Shipped or near southwest Louisiana.
  5. Tob

    WTB: Nv3550 shifter

    I have one from my 02 TJ that I removed for a B&M. I will message you Saturday if I find it and remember.
  6. Tob

    My dad's epic build (lots of pictures)

    Love it! My dad's a Toyota buff too. I've been slowly trying to get him bitten by the wheeling bug. Take plenty of pics for us this weekend!
  7. Tob

    Anyone familiar with Tactical Recovery Equipment?

    Who needs winch rope? Just keep coupling bow shackles, hooks, and Super Ultra Expert Pro™ thingies into a long chain of connections until it reaches whatever you're trying to recover. /s
  8. Tob

    Anyone familiar with Tactical Recovery Equipment?

    Ooh, ooh, I know! 🙋‍♂️ Factor 55! /s
  9. Tob

    Anyone familiar with Tactical Recovery Equipment?

    #CancelTRE :mad: :rolleyes:
  10. Tob

    Accutune Can't Tune Fox Shocks for the TJ

    Yeah that would be a pain. If one were to do it this way though, the way to calculate it is approximately half the weight of all the linkage, coils, dampers, and driveshaft, plus the weight of the axle assembly with wheels and tires.
  11. Tob

    Accutune Can't Tune Fox Shocks for the TJ

    you mean free length minus compressed length, right?
  12. Tob

    Charlotte the '99 Sahara

    It's just an effect of your ride height. Maybe it was designed with a taller ride height in mind. The only way I could see it being a problem is if you reach the limits of the joint's flex during articulation. I doubt that will be an issue but you can always remove the springs and cycle the axle...
  13. Tob

    What parts do I need to replace my rear disc brakes?

    Don't worry, we know it's not yours... too dirty to be one of your jeeps! :)
  14. Tob

    Tire Carrier Bumper Dirtworx, Hardcore Offroad PA

    LoD makes a really nice swing out tire carrier that wraps under the tub corners. I got rid of mine since it was so heavy, but if you have to get one, that's the one I'd recommend. Well, after trying to fetch a link for you, it looks like LoD doesn't sell the Signature Series that I was...
  15. Tob

    Wildman's TJ is getting a face lift

    The vent is also a wire-routing option on 03-06 tailgates.