1. D

    Dana44, gears, Eaton LSD

    I have a guy wanting to sell me a dana44 rear from an '05, a new set of Yukon 4.88s for 30/44, and an Eaton Detroit trutrac for the 44. 1600 and a 6 pack...is this a good deal? Should I pull the trigger? I was planning on doing a super35, as I don't do any aggressive offroading, mostly just...
  2. Hammer_c

    SOLD HP Ford Dana 4.88 gears and install kit

    Brand new Ford Dana 44 HP 4.88s. Sold the axle and no longer needed. -High quality parts from either Timkin or Dana in the install kit. -All OEM -Ring and Pinion from Dana/Spicer. -Partial master install kit. -A ton of extra shims. -All Timkin Bearings. -New set of ARB seals. $350
  3. PowderFactory

    High Elevation Gear Ratio - 33's - 6-Speed (NSG370)

    Okay, I know there are a million posts about gearing (and I think I've read them all) but here is another! I could really use some last minute advice before I get my Jeep regeared. I am currently running 33" takeoffs, and may go up to 34" tires (285/75/17) in the future when the current tires...
  4. M

    Ohio Yukon Ring & Pinion Gear Set and Master Overhaul Kit for Jeep TJ

    Yukon Gear & Axle (YG Dana 44-488T-RUB) High Performance Ring & Pinion Gear Set for Jeep TJ Rubicon Dana44 Differential. Yukon Gear & Axle (YK Dana 44-RUBICON) Master Overhaul Kit for Jeep TJ Rubicon Dana 44 Differential . 488 gears. New still in box. Will ship. $350
  5. C

    Do I need a new carrier for re-gearing Dana 44 to 4.88?

    Hello, I have a 2002 Sahara with a Dana 44/Dana 30 and 3.73 gears with LSD. I just ordered 4.88 gears so i can install some 35's. On Quadratech's website, it shows that i will need a new rear carrier ONLY to fit the 4.88 gears. On extreme terrain's website it shows that 4.88 gears will fit just fine...