banks turbo

  1. MikeE024

    Banks Turbo Tune in a Wranglerfix PCM

    I recently spoke with Mark @Wranglerfix after installing his PCM in my 2005 Rubicon Wrangler. Doing so solved my random rough idle and #3 misfire. I let him know I successfully installed the Banks Turbo tune in his PCM, which was previously thought to not be possible. This is a big deal for...
  2. RubiconMike

    SOLD 2005 TJ Rubicon Unlimited with Banks turbo and low miles

    The time has come to part with my Jeep TJ Rubicon Unlimited 6 speed with Banks intercooled turbo, It has every available factory option plus numerous performance and luxury/convenience additions. It’s a one-owner rust-free California car with only 48,000 original miles. The interior was coated...
  3. thebestskibum

    Utah Banks Turbo Kit For Sale

    This in off of my 2004 TJ. The turbo likely needs to be rebuilt and some additional parts will need to be purchased (oil pan bung, exhaust sleeve, ect). This includes: 1. Original turbo kit with pipe (no intercooler), boost pipe not pictured. 2. Intercooler add on kit. 3. Banks single shot...