1. Ludogsonthemoon

    Are 31 inch tires good on the highway?

    I currently have P235/70R15 on my TJ and so far they have been great for highway driving and mild trails. I'm thinking about getting 31 inch tires once I save up enough cash and time. Will there be a big difference on the highway going from 28 inch to 31 inch tires?
  2. T

    TJ overheats on the highway but then stops overheating when coming to a stop

    hey y’all so i’m on my way to a jeep trip and while on the highway my jeep over heats but we stop for almost 5 seconds and it drops back down any advice??
  3. endurancechiro

    Tire choices for highway but still some fun?

    Hello everyone, Long time lurker, first time poster here. I have a 2003 TJ X that is in dire need of some tires. I currently drive 2 hours each way down a 75 mph highway once a week, but still love to take the jeep out into some medium mud, sand, and hills. I have a 4" lift and currently on...