jeep tj 2004

  1. Lucas_cap1

    Jeep 4.0 Camshaft Suggestions

    So I’m new on here and I have a TJ with a 4.0 in it that I’m replacing with another 4.0 I got for cheap that I’m looking to build before I swap it out, I wanna put a beefy cam in it so I’m looking for recommendations? Not tryna spend a lot just want a cam that sounds good (choppy) with a little...
  2. Mcnenc1

    What’s now?

    Just bought a 2004 Jeep TJ 141k miles. For $9k Known issues: 1) P0300 random miss fire P0303 cylinder fire P0304 cylinder fire So I’m guessing replacing the spark plugs and coil would fix that? 2)oil pressure gauge drops to “0” when idle say at a stop light or in traffic. Lights and...
  3. Mason Canner

    Has anyone bought these Poison Spyder rubber rocker liners before?

    So i'm looking for a cheap way to cover up my rocker panels and I came across these by poison spyder. It would be awesome if anyone had a picture of them on their jeep for reference. Link -