1. Droosk05LJ

    05-06 TJ/LJ 42RLE HP Tuners modified shift schedule

    As a person who has lived with this crap stock schedule 12+ years, finally finding a way to change it and have that change be everything I hoped for is one of the more cathartic releases I've had in quite some time. I am not a tuner so I have no other solutions for any other engine things. Do...
  2. MaxCollins

    SOLD Black OEM Soft top for LJ

    Black OEM soft top for LJ. Came off a 2006; I assume it fits the other years as well. Includes soft top, frame, header bar, windows, and original storage bag. Top is in great shape. Black (not faded), waterproof, and all the zippers worked fine last time I used it about 3 year ago. The top...
  3. MaxCollins

    SOLD Black LJ Spiderwebshade

    This is the long version for LJs. The color is black. Sorry no pics - it is raining - but the top is in great shape, still looks new to me. I didn't use it for long. I decided to change to the Tjkini an no longer need it anymore. No bungees, just the sunshade. Send $20 to cover shipping and...
  4. R

    SOLD 2006 Jeep LJ Hardtop and Full Size Doors $2500.00

    2006 Jeep LJ Hardtop and Full Size Doors $3000.00 Grey top with minor wear, doors have no dings or dents, glass and locks work as expected. All glass, defrost and wiper works as expected.
  5. R

    WTB: Jeep Rubicon Compass/ Temperature/ Map Light Mirror GNTX-221

    WANTED Jeep Rubicon LJ Compass/ Temperature/ Map Light Mirror GNTX-221 Looking for the one that came on the Jeep Rubicon LJ, ebay has a few but they are not verifed to be from a Jeep LJ Rubicon
  6. cfree

    JL Xtreme Recon wheels on an LJ?

    I'm recently coming back to an LJ after a 5-year stint with a JLUR. During that time I found a set of 17×8 Xtreme Recon wheels that I love. I wanted to keep the XR wheels to put on the LJ, but I didn't want to have to install a 6" lift on the LJ in order to use the 35" (315/70R17) tires, so took...
  7. MrV7

    Did I mess up my clutch and flywheel install?

    Ahoy! If you look through my recent post you’ll see that I’ve been working on getting my LJ back running. Well, new flywheel/clutch have been installed the transmission and TC put back in as well and it turns on and runs decent. After turning her over, I wanted to make sure clutch was working...
  8. Shank

    Ohio 1946 LJ 6.0 with Dana 60's

    Listing for a very good friend (I absolutely hate to see this sold - was hoping I could purchase this but it doesn’t make sense right now). I can get whatever information needed and will obviously get you in contact with the owner (who built this). Titled as a 1946 Willys MB. Engine: 2005...
  9. TRevs

    Colorado OEM LJ soft top, Frame ONLY

    Frame is (I’m 99% sure) OEM factory from a 2005 LJ. Purchased from a forum member in order to acquire his factory Dark Khaki fabric. He stated he is the original owner and his Jeep came from the factory with the dual tops, but he never used the soft top in Idaho. Sunrider feature and...
  10. TRevs

    Tummy tuck with stock control arms and stock slip-yoke driveshaft

    Ok hear me out before you bring on the flame... Phase I of the build has gone great; I replaced the original lift (2" springs + 2" rubber spacers, no BL) with 2.5" OME + 1.25" BL/1"MML). Still using stock CAs all around, stock driveshaft and slip yoke; NO vibes with either lift. Yes it's an...
  11. DeltaNu1142

    Tub-mounted LJ rocker guards for OEM Rubi holes

    I've got a mostly stock '05 LJR with the OEM diamond-plate rocker guards. I'm looking around for rocker guards with tube steps. There are some frame-mounted options, but if there's a tub-mounted product that fits the holes already drilled into the tub, I'll add those to the short list. Anyone know?
  12. ScarletLJ

    Savvy Mid Arm Installers

    Hi all! I am new here! Long time YJ owner and first time TJ owner. I have been searching for my dream one and finally found it. 2006 Red Rubicon LJ. So, first big mod is going to be a Savvy Midarm. I am not comfortable with the welding on this kit and looking for someone who might know anyone...
  13. G

    Can I adjust pinion angle with OEM drive shaft on 06 LJ Rubi?

    Hi guys, I’ve searched with no answer…I’m ready to adjust the rear pinion angle on my 06 Rubi LJ with a 4” lift and OEM driveshaft but JKS says their track bar relocation bracket can only be used with a double cardan drive shaft. Is there any reason if I have adjustable control arms, shock...
  14. DougB

    SOLD Motobilt cage dash tie in builder kit for Jeep TJ LJ

    Brand new Motobilt cage dash tie in kit for Jeep Wrangler TJ and LJ. Bought this kit to build upon for a cage in my LJ but found a deal on a complete Poison Spyder cage kit so do not need these. Only unwrapped to take photos. These have been wrapped since I received them. This is the kit -...
  15. NJW

    San Juan Mountains - July 2023

    Didn't take too many photos while we are out and about, but snagged a few in the evening and after the campfire that I really liked and thought I'd share. The Northern Lights came out while we were up above timberline. Hadn't ever seen those before. That was pretty rad. And anyone...
  16. camsurfs

    SOLD 2004 Jeep Wrangler Unlimited LJ For Sale

    VIN 1J4FA49S94P766710 Clean Title, Clean Carfax, Title in Hand, No Accidents Clean Condition. OEM Build Sheet available upon request. Khaki Metallic original paint. Shifts smooth. 4 wheel hi and lo work with no issue. Zero engine leaks. Cold A/C. Everything works as it should. Jeep rides...
  17. TRevs

    SOLD LJ soft top and OEM frame

    Selling used soft top. Frame is (I’m 99% sure) OEM factory from a 2005 LJ. Sunrider feature and accompanying latch pins included. It’s in very good, serviceable condition. All screws included. Fabric top is used Rugged Ridge. Black sailcloth. Also serviceable. Windows are tinted with...
  18. Hammer_c

    WTB: LJ OEM hardtop

    Looking for an OEM LJ hardtop in any color, cash or trade. Located in California and willing to drive.
  19. jeepguyOC

    Old member from OC, CA with a new project

    Hay guys, I sold my 2002 Tj and found a 06 Rubicon Lj, I'm working on building crawler with a little more room for the family.
  20. gaabbee

    New York 2006 Jeep Wrangler LJR

    I’m on Long Island ny. All aftermarket parts have about 3k miles. It has : 4 inch Currie short arm lift with LJ rear specific spring. All new adjustable arms and track bar Black magic rotors and pads with new calipers Antirock sway bar Rancho 5000x shocks 285/75/16s on stock rubicon wheels...