lower control arm

  1. Jt223

    Control arm question

    Hello all. Im adding a 2" ome suspension lift to my 2002 tj soon. I wasnt planning on doing control arms because of price for now but someone just put up a rough country control arm kit and I need to figure out if it would work with my lift. Its rough country 1071. In the description it says it...
  2. TreverStevens

    Minimum threading of adjustable rear control arms

    What would you say is the minimum amount of threads I should have from the rear lower control arms when installing a new axle? I was hoping to better center my rear wheels in the wheel wells by pushing the axle back a little, but run out of threads on my adjustable arms before it's perfectly...
  3. weldedcambolt

    Think I can add an adjustable link to these control arms?

    think i can cut these an ad an adjustable link. start my own brand. machine a treaded insert on one side to thread in an weld nut on other end of control arm, an throw a pin in a hole drilled to double secure the treaded side into the other side? anybody know what kind these are? procomp shocks...