1. JeepGirl1013

    Help Diangnosing P0161, P0158, P0740

    Ok so I need a new O2 sensor- as does everyone. But the P0158 just popped: O2 sensor circuit high voltage. Is this a sign I really need to replace the O2 sensor? Is there anything else I should be looking at? P0740 just started for me this week. I have been experiencing a long crank time...
  2. ThomasFletch

    P0700 and P0740

    Hello All, My 2006 SE started throwing codes P0700 and P0740. From the research I did on the forum, It was most likely the transmission fluid. I changed the fluid with ATF+4 and the codes still came up after a short drive in the mountains. I also saw that it could possibly be the torque...
  3. Jeepinjosh4.0

    Need help with check engine light and P0740 & P0700 codes

    Today while driving home a random check engine light can on. Nothing odd to be noted while driving at all. Scanned with my obd reader and it says P0700 & P0740 The P0740 is the main code. It reads tcc out of range. Any ideas/help would be great. The transmission shifts fine and has no issues...