soft top

  1. JackFisher98

    Soft top for Jeep missing bow assembly?

    Happy Mother's Day! New Jeep owner, new forum member, first post. Bear with me! I purchased my '01 TJ Sport by private sale, and the previous owner had removed the bow assembly for the current "MasterTop" that is on it. It doesn't require a bow assembly to be installed as it stretches a "cab"...
  2. MaxCollins

    SOLD Black OEM Soft top for LJ

    Black OEM soft top for LJ. Came off a 2006; I assume it fits the other years as well. Includes soft top, frame, header bar, windows, and original storage bag. Top is in great shape. Black (not faded), waterproof, and all the zippers worked fine last time I used it about 3 year ago. The top...
  3. W

    Tailgate bar came loose

    Hey yall! Been a minute. Stull wrenching on the '98. Found my tailgate bar, and was just wondering in how the seal goes on it, as it came off. Probably going to need a new one and new brackets, but it'll do for the time being. Just need to know how it goes on. Pictures attached. Thanks!
  4. J

    Bestop (not the best)

    I got my new top and from day 1, the header won't seal. I did a warranty claim and they sent me a new piece and it fits the same. huge gaps at the corners. Anyone have recommendations for a top that DOES seal? You can see in the first pic where the top is not buckled down, the header goes...
  5. 5280MAHL

    Colorado LJ Bestop Supertop / Sun Rider

    I have for sale a Super Top by Bestop for the Jeep LJ / Tj Unlimited Includes all parts needed. Very Good Condition, could use the dust knocked off. Windows and top in great shape. Located in Denver 80237...
  6. G

    Basics 101: Putting Up the Soft Top

    It's nearly the season, at least in northern states, to put up the soft top for winter. I struggled with this chore after I bought my TJ, especially when it had been folded down for weeks or months. Best practices are different than they were for my old CJ5 and CJ7. Key with TJ is the order in...
  7. G

    Jeep TJ Soft Top Install Question

    Can someone explain the mechanism behind the Side Bow for my Rampage Soft Top? There's a pivot point on each end, however, it then gets attached to the Door Surround on top and the Bow Assembly Bracket on the side. If you take an item with two pivot points, but attach it to two points that...
  8. B

    Need help deciding on soft top

    I have been looking at getting a soft top ever since I got my Jeep because it has a factory hard too and it’s all busted up. The issue is I don’t want to break the bank too bad and am looking for about a 600-700 dollar top. I’ve found options that cost less like getting less hardware pieces and...
  9. bluescapegoat

    Minnesota OEM Half Door Uppers in Dark Tan

    Great condition original uppers. VIN confirmed to be 1999 Dark Tan. Seems like it'd be a shame to cut these skins off so I bought different frames. $150 + ship from 55044, or local pickup.
  10. TRevs

    SOLD LJ soft top and OEM frame

    Selling used soft top. Frame is (I’m 99% sure) OEM factory from a 2005 LJ. Sunrider feature and accompanying latch pins included. It’s in very good, serviceable condition. All screws included. Fabric top is used Rugged Ridge. Black sailcloth. Also serviceable. Windows are tinted with...
  11. tictactno

    Soft Top Window Storage Solutions: On the Go (2001 TJ Half Door)

    I'm curious to see peoples soft top storage solutions while on the go. I'm often running from our family lake house, to home, camping, day trips, etc. without a true landing pad to just leave my uppers and zip outs. I got a quick cover for when I'm topless, but the weather has been a bit wild...
  12. LakeBeard

    California Free Stuff

    I have a soft top w/ the frame and most of hardware. I had it all originally, but its been years so I'm sure I'm missing something. I also have two seats I think they are smitty built, black, been in the shed for a bit so they aren't perfect either. I have two cargo nets, net top, GRMS radio. If...
  13. Project Billd

    SOLD Mopar Door Surrounds

    $60 + Shipping Selling the door surrounds that came with my Jeep when I bought it. I do not have the hardware to attach it to the rollbar. The folding hinge lock bolts need to be replaced as they are rusted, the hinge pin is fine. Local pickup in Durham, NC but I have them currently folded in...
  14. Adrian_A

    Bestop replace-a-top vs supertop

    been debating on which soft top I should buy. really wanted a "slantback/fastback" design but since I have an aftermarket roll cage I'm pretty sure the fitment would be off and leave a lot of slack. so im down to just replacing the fabric and keeping my original frame. I have also seen on here...
  15. Coozane

    Bestop Supertop TJ Sunrider Mode Problem

    Hello all. Tried posting this in another TJ group but no one seems to have any suggestions or an answer. Neither does Bestop. I have a 2000 TJ that has had a Bestop Supertop soft top on it for around ten years and I love it. Bought a new Bestop Supertop soft top recently and it collapses onto...
  16. Kurt_S

    Hard top vs. soft top (or to switch or not to switch?)

    I've found a couple of threads asking for advice on HOW to switch from one to the other, but I'd like to hear from folks who HAVE switched. Which did you have first, and do you regret your decision? Living in central CA, I keep the soft top up most of the summer due to the excessive heat...
  17. imactj2004

    SOLD Rampage Soft Top (Like New)

    Rampage soft top with all hardware plus extras Located in Bay Area (Marin County). These were my father-n-laws and I'm 99% sure that the kit has never been used. It's super clean except for dust from storage. Zippers and velcro in excellent condition.
  18. Sgt Jarhead

    SOLD Bestop Replace a Top LJ Trektop

    Brand New In Box REPLACEMENT Trektop for the LJ in Black Diamond. (No hardware is included in these replacement tops). Included is only a new top and sides, no rear window. Asking $260 shipped (excluding Hawaii and Alaska) or local pickup in Medford, OR
  19. iGdiGerGerbs

    2005 Soft Top Help

    Need help identifying this soft top manufacturer/model that came with recently purchased 05 Rubihara. No branding or hardware was included, and missing windows where branding/logo might have been. Best I can tell there is a bolt or screw that connects to the sport bar in one spot only (in photo...
  20. camsurfs

    SOLD Near-brand new Bestop 54721-35 Supertop NX Soft Top with Tinted Windows In Black Diamond for 04-06 Jeep Wrangler Unlimited TJ - $500

    Hey everyone, I bought my 2004 Jeep LJ six months ago. It came with two soft tops. I am using the fast back style Bestop and really like it. The other top I have is the Bestop 54721-35 supertop NX soft top with tinted windows. This is what I am looking to sell. Its actually much easier to...