steering issue

  1. jm34tj

    Death Wobble

    Okay, I need y'alls help: I recently installed a Rough Country 2.5in lift kit with N3 shocks on my 98 TJ (yes I know it isn't the best brand, but I am a high school kid, I don't have all the money int he world), (4.0). I also did the conversion to run JK Rubicon wheels on with the lug adapters...
  2. Dawnikens

    Checklist for Steering Issues?

    Hey all, first time poster here. I drive a 2004 4.0 LJ with 32" or sumn tires and no lift yet (I'm in college and barely working currently). I am aware of some rubbing from the tires. What my issue has been is that on occasion when I will be making a tight turn, it will completely lock up on me...