tera low

  1. masnottuh

    Interest in Tera Low rebuilds

    I recently rebuilt a Tera low 4:1 np231 kit, including machining new helical gears, rebuilding the planetary cage upgrading bushings to needle bearings, etc. The end product is essentially a brand new tera low kit minus the minimal wear items like the inner gear and input shaft. My question is...
  2. JMT

    05 Flame Red TJ Build

    Hey guys, I'm new to the Jeep world. Oh, I had a 2004 Cherokee once, but got my first Wrangler TJ in December, 2016, and that's a whole new world. I think I am addicted. Anyone else have that problem around here? LOL. Anyway, this Jeep was stock and low miles, 46K. I looked for six months...