tj 4.0

  1. FoxyPotato

    Possible handle replacements for my 2001 jeep TJ

    hello! I'm newer to the jeep community and purchased a 2001 jeep wrangler standard shift a few months ago, I've been fixing it up and am finally getting to the point that I can start worrying about smaller details. I'm not personally a huge fan of the latch like handles on the exterior of the...
  2. D

    245/75 R16 tires on stock 2002 TJ 4.0

    hallo everyone! I’m new in this forum. I’ve just bought a Full stock original 2002 TJ Sahara 4.0 manual and I have stock tires 225/70 R16. I would like to upgrade at 245/75 R16. It’s that possible without modifications? What’s the best recommendation? What’s the biggest tires I can put on stock...
  3. W

    Tailgate bar came loose

    Hey yall! Been a minute. Stull wrenching on the '98. Found my tailgate bar, and was just wondering in how the seal goes on it, as it came off. Probably going to need a new one and new brackets, but it'll do for the time being. Just need to know how it goes on. Pictures attached. Thanks!
  4. H

    Is this build good?

    Heyya, I have been looking at a couple TJs in my local market and came across one i like, It really looks cool and the build looks amazing to me too. But i wanted your guys' opinions on it because I'm fairly new to the whole TJ scene. My use case would be daily driving ( about 30 mins every...
  5. Jakes01TJ

    Electrical nightmare

    01 TJ 4.0 manual. Drove to work friday everything fine. Wet and snowy weather. Went to leave work and nothing. Measured battery 12.74 V. Had it load tested all is good. When i turn the key on blower motor turns on, headlights can be turned on, needles bounce and return to 0, but no lights and...
  6. M

    Oil pressure

    My 97 jeep wrangler 4.0 6cyl with automatic transmission. The oil pressure gauge will be fine when u first start it after driving 8-10 miles it starts to creep down to 20psi while going down the road then at a stop it goes to 0 and check gauges lite comes on. When u start moving again it comes...
  7. N

    Bubbling like noise after changing oil

    A few weeks ago I purchased my 2005 Jeep wrangler unlimited with 104,000 miles. Decided to change oil that was long overdue from previous owner and now I’m hearing this bubbling sound but only in the cab. Is it just an idling sound or something I need to work on? I’m not hearing it anywhere but...
  8. W

    Swapping a lift from a rotted out TJ

    Hey everyone! I've got a TJ that I'm tearing into quite a bit here at home to get the good parts out of, as it's going to scrap, and have the fenders, hood, and pretty much everything in the engine bay taken out. Working on removing the engine. I looked at the springs on the TJ I'm buying to...
  9. N

    Texas 97 Wrangler TJ Sahara Updated

    I’m selling my 97 wrangler TJ. I dropped the price as I have another vehicle and I need this gone as soon as possible. runs great, used as a daily. Driven maybe 10-15 miles a week. 147k miles - 4.0 engine - Manual - 6" lift - Brand new K02s with less than 200 miles on them. They have a 50k...
  10. Vrex234

    Alabama 2001 Jeep Wrangler Front/Rear Seats

    Front and Rear seats for sale. Upholstery is in good condition. Local pick up only. . ’
  11. B

    99 TJ Sahara Frame Advice

    Finally pulling the trigger and fulfilling my life long TJ dream. Found a one owner california '99 TJ in pretty much my dream configuration. It is super clean inside and out. I know frame rust is the thing to look out for but if we are being honest, I don't have the knowledge to assess a 24 year...
  12. M

    Help Identifying a Shock

    Hello, bought my son a 2004 TJ that already had a lift. Trying to replace the shocks and trying to ID the ones currently on it (Pictures below). I’m pretty sure it’s a 5.5-6” lift based on the measurements of the coils from bottom to top. Any help is appreciated.
  13. R

    Help build my new Jeep TJ

    This will be my only thread on this topic, so I'm including everything in it, until I have very specific questions. :) So very much like the suggested related threads, I too am building a TJ. However, I'm starting from the ground up. My dad gave me his Sahara after the frame rotted out from...
  14. C

    Open circuit on all cylinders

    Hello all, I recently replaced my exhaust manifold and my the is throwing codes p0201-6. The #3 injector wiring was frayed so I replaced that piece of wire and still have all codes. Vehicle starts and drives but very rough. Any ideas would be appreciated
  15. Fox Delta

    SOLD Selling our TJ

    We bought this to cruise to the beach in, and it's great, but too small when friends or family want to ride along, so we got a JL and decided to sell the TJ. 1998 Jeep TJ hardtop 4.0 inline 6 5 speed manual 5 - 33x12.50 BFG A/T KO2's on Pro Comp wheels (2021 tire date code) 148,000 miles New...
  16. MattD25

    Re-gearimg for 31s and AX15

    I apologize, since I’m sure this question has been asked thousands of times, but I get mixed answers and I’m gathering as many resources as I can. Just bought a 98 Sahara with the 4.0 and AX15 5spd manual. Dana 35 rear end just blew on it. Since it needs a rebuild anyways, I’m definitely...
  17. MattD25

    Just bought my first TJ!

    My father has owned this 98 Sahara for about 10 years now. I have always enjoyed driving this with him. 4.0 with 5 speed manual and lots of accessories. I just bought it from him and drove it about 700 miles back home. This is my first off road style vehicle, so I have a lot to learn. Just...
  18. T

    Radiator and air intake upgrades

    Greetings, I have a 2003 TJ 4.0 5-speed manual. My coolant looks murky and the hoses could use replacing. I want to upgrade to a better aluminum radiator since I have to go through all the effort anyway. Looking for some options that people have had success with. I have looked on a couple...
  19. J

    Steering Stabilizer Connected to Steering Gear Box

    Vehicle: 2006 TJ 4.0L L6 Scenario: I am replacing the tie rod, tie rod ends, drag link, and steering damper on my 2006 TJ. This is a vehicle I purchased form somebody else, and I have no data on what equipment is currently equipped on it. However, the steering damper has 2 hoses running from it...
  20. R

    New alternator and new battery but low voltage

    I've recently changed my battery and alternator but still the voltage remains on 12.3~12.6 while engine is running. What I've done before is, changed my spark plugs about 2 months ago and cleaning throttle body. Then few weeks ago my battery when out so I've visited the center and they said that...