1. Chris97

    Clutch doesn't fully disengage with pedal all the way in

    Hi all, I am new to the forms but have had my jeep for about 7 years now. I bought the jeep at 96k miles and noticed that the clutch was disengaging very late in the pedal throw (bottom 25%). At 120k miles I replaced the clutch with a Luk 05-065 clutch kit and saw little improvement. Now at 145k...
  2. jdizzi

    Missing bolts after clutch replacement

    I recently purchased a manual 2006 TJ with 110k miles. Shortly after buying it, I started having a problem with my Throwout bearing and decided to replace the whole clutch. After numerous visits to this shop that specializes in jeeps (which is also the place I bought it from), I noticed yet...
  3. F

    2004 TJ 42RLE automatic transmission into 2000 TJ

    Has anyone swapped in a 42rle automatic transmission from 2004 TJ into a 2000 TJ? Jeep changed the shift cable, the metal adapter in side the cabin for the shift lever and the plastic console between the years so they don't match and make an easy swap
  4. mipa

    When to change automatic transmission fluid?

    Hi all, since I'm about to replace my radiator while replacing my broken water pump on my 2002 TJ, I was wondering when a complete transmission fluid flush is actually necessary. I did some reading here and the process seems not to be super simple to do at home, if I want to do a complete flush...
  5. ACKTJ

    Terrible screeching noise from NV3550. What is it?

    Hi all, new to the forums. I have an ‘04 TJ, 4.0 with the NV3550 5 speed. It has 130k miles and just today started to make an awful high pitched screeching noise. It is still driveable but I don’t feel comfortable taking it anywhere as is. The transmission had been making some noise prior to...
  6. J

    2000 Jeep Wrangler SE Vibration Noise

    Hi there, I’m reaching out because I’m really desperate for some help right now. First of all, I know very little about vehicles, but this will be my third Jeep TJ, it is a 2000 Wrangler SE, four-cylinder. It has about 150,000 miles on it. I bought it about 5 years ago and have had to do very...
  7. S

    Automatic shifter issues (not related to the broken bushing)

    Having an issue similar to the broken bushing. However, after inspection the bushing that connects the cable to the shifter is fine and still connected… However, the car will not shift out of park probably. But I can go under the car and push the mechanism and it can go into drive (emergency...
  8. L

    Whirling/whine in 1st 2nd and 3rd gear

    In My 2004 tj (4.0 5 speed) in what i am presuming to be my transmission whines in the first second and third gears, i cant tell whether or not 4th and 5th do the same due to road noise. The sound doesnt persist in neutral or with the clutch in. The jeep only has 36,000 miles and to my...
  9. joshwellborn

    Manual transmission problems on 99 TJ 4-cylinder

    Just got a 99 2.5 TJ with 160,000 miles. I'm pretty sure the previous owner was pretty hard on it. Baja BF Goodrich tires, lots of mud, small lift, winch, previous owner is a younger driver. It's hard to get it into any gear. Reverse and First in particular. When I think I'm in reverse, I often...
  10. 67StingrayJ

    Thought it was the drain plug, bolt won't go back in now

    Hey guys. Sort of in trouble here I thought this bolt was the drain plug when I pulled it and now it won’t go back in. Anyone ever have this issue? It’s like it was threaded into something then when I removed the bolt, something inside turned and now it won’t go back in. Like the threads aren’t...
  11. Mbren89

    New York 4.0 and 42rle with rubicrawler

    Selling my engine and trans, 2004 4.0 and 42rle with advanced adapter rubicrawler with aa twin shifters. 147k miles, rubicrawler installed in late 2019 early 2020 by previous owner. Motor and trans run strong with no leaks or issues, im pulling for the ls swap i just finished putting together.
  12. Crazyman1304

    No start problem

    Hi all, The past few months I've been having troubles with my Jeep. I've looked around all over and made a post here trying to diagnose it and have come up with it maybe being the TCM. Have one ordered up and it arrives tomorrow! But today the problems got worse. I have driven the TJ 3 times...
  13. cehernandez

    Having a hard time finding NV3550 transmission rebuild parts

    I have been having a hard time finding the proper parts for my transmission. I believe I have the nv3550. I Know I at least need a gear cluster. do you guys know of any trustworthy place i can buy my parts?
  14. Jackson S

    Engine light

    my engine light came on today. the engine doesnt seem like theres anything wrong it sounds all normal. but when shifting into or out of second gear it almost always grinds, this has been happening for a couple months. does anyone know what the engine light is or how to diagnose it? any help is...
  15. M

    Should I rebuild or replace my AX-15?

    My ax-15 transmission is almost in need of replacement. Syncros are out in second and third can’t even hardly get it in gear sometimes. I can’t find anyone in my area that will work on it to replace them. Would you recommend buying a new one or a reman? Also any recommendations on where from...
  16. S

    Chasing a vibration for 1 year

    I've owned my 2001 Jeep TJ for almost a year now. It's a 6 Cylinder with 170k miles and 3-Speed Automatic Transmission. When the Jeep is at a full stop and I put it in Drive or Reverse the shaking/vibration is so bad I can barely see out of the mirrors. When it's in park or neutral there is...
  17. John V.

    Can't figure out this transmission issue

    I have tried finding someone who has discussed this issue in the forum before, but wasn't able to find anything. I have a 2006 LJ that will not go into gear... at all. I have checked the shift linkage bushing, still good. The shift actuation rod under the shift handle is good to go. The shifter...
  18. double_e

    Manual transmission not moving

    I have an 05 tj with 35" tires trail riding yearterday, climbing over rocks I heard a slam noise now I can shift to each gear let off clutch and it does not move does not stall as if its in neutral with clutch released help I zm f
  19. Miles Maheu

    AX-15 acting weird

    So I have a 2000 tj with an ax-15. I know doesn’t make sense lol. As nv3500 or 3550 can’t remember which it is that comes stock in my tj is extremely expensive to rebuild for a 1/4 ton truck transmission when it went out last year I swapped an ax-15 out of a yj into my tj. It had an unknown...
  20. robo512

    NV3550 Grinding Noise at high speeds without load

    Hello all, I recently tore apart my NV3550 and replaced all of the synchros. I checked all of the bearings and determined that they were all good, so I did not replace them. I am confident that the transmission was assembled correctly, and everything felt smooth and solid after going back...