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    Rattle can paint job

    If the original paint is in good condition, I would wipe it down with a good wax and grease remover and then scuff the paint with a maroon 3M Scotch Brite pad backed up by a sanding block. You can usually get a pack of 2 of these from an auto supply store...
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    Tool Boxes & Shop Pictures: Post Em Up!

    I wish! One day it seems fairly neat and tidy then I start into something and that's the end of that. Ever notice that things take up more space when they're apart than they do when they're together? :eek: One thing for sure is that it will never be spacious. :(
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    Tool Boxes & Shop Pictures: Post Em Up!

    Here are some of my tool boxes. The first decent one I bought was a used Snap-on chest in about 1970. I found the matching roller cabinet just over 40 years later. I still need to strip them down and colour match them. Other than that I have a Beach and a Husky chest and roller. The...
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    What is the reasoning for factory side steps?

    I took mine off before my wife even knew they were available. She's managed. :giggle:
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    Show us your special edition

    This is my '03 Rocky Mountain Edition. It's not all that "special" but it is an "edition". Off the top of my head some of the differences are front and rear vinyl seats and colour matched wide fender flares. I understand many came with Alcoa aluminum wheels but mine had chrome steel...
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    The beginning of the end for the Cherokee nameplate

    I'm looking forward to the day when our current Prime Minister is pressured into cancelling something his father implemented. They are the worst and second worst we've ever had.
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    Let's see those Jeep Wrangler TJs carrying kayaks and canoes

    Now you've got me wondering. I think all of the Royal Reserve Rye Whisky stickers had "Royal Reserve"on them but now I'm not sure. It's not exactly high on the shelf booze. I think my first bottle was in high school; curved bottle back pocket stuff. The bottles used to have a sticker on...
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    The beginning of the end for the Cherokee nameplate

    No kidding! Sports team have been under fire for a long time and are now changing their names, many pro teams because of sponsorship problems (Redskins, Indians, Eskimos, etc). Our minor hockey club just changed from Redmen to Renegades. Funny thing is that the original 80 yr. name was based...
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    The beginning of the end for the Cherokee nameplate

    I've mentioned this before but in Canada we didn't get "Wranglers" until the JK came out. I don't call my TJ or LJ a Wrangler but I probably should. You're right, non Jeep people generally don't know what a TJ or what a YJ is and definitely not what the differences are. I may as well say I...
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    Let's see those Jeep Wrangler TJs carrying kayaks and canoes

    Is that a Royal Reserve Whisky "Proud Canadian" sticker on the front of your canoe? If so I can't remember the last time I saw one of those let alone pulled one off the back of a bottle. 🥃
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    Let's see those Jeep Wrangler TJs carrying kayaks and canoes

    I recently picked up a used light bar for the front of a roof rack I'm building. It's similar to yours but I have no idea what brand it is. It's aluminum and the rest of the rack is steel so I'm bolting the front to the back. I currently carry my kayaks on my trailer and it will be nice to...
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    First Jeep, a 2004 LJ

    ALScott - Nice Jeep! I use my LJ in a similar way that you plan to. I don't hunt but I do fish (badly). Mine is an '04 too. It has a 2" lift with 265/75/16's (31.6") on MOAB wheels. I use Duratracs, both because I Like them and there's not a lot of choice when it comes to 16" tires.
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    New Front Seat Upgrade

    I have the same set up in my '04 LJ. I currently have a pull cord and handle (think lawn mower) that I can grab from behind the seat. The handle just sits on the floor and is there when I need it. It's not ideal but it works. I've played with a flexible metal inner/outer cable and think...
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    How can I prevent these tiny rust spots on the fender?

    I'd sand it down a bit and spray it with Rustoleum. 😊
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    First Photos From Mars