Jan 1, 1982 (Age: 40)
Northern VA
Air traffic controller
What year is your Wrangler?
What model is your Wrangler?
What engine is in your Wrangler?
4.7L stroker
What kind of transmission is in your Wrangler?
What mods do you have?
3" Currie front, 2.5" OME rear springs
1.25" Body lift
33" Duratracs
Ford 8.8 rear end with Artec kit
Dana 30 w/chromoly shafts & outer seals
Black Magic pads all around
4.11 gears
Detroit TruTracs front and rear
Savvy Tummy Tuck (Thanks Rich!!)
Savvy transfer case shifter
1.5" Brown Dog (yes, 1.5") MML
Currie/Savvy control arms
Currie F&R track bars
Currie Curryectlync Steering
Sway Loc front & Hellwig 3/4" rear sway bars
Fox 2.0 front & Black Max rear shocks
Rear bar pin eliminators
Savvy Aluminum rear bumper with receiver
Savvy gas tank skid
Short throw shifter
Double DIN Android head unit w/backup cam
Wouxun KG1000g 50w GMRS talky box
Cobra WX75 CB
Heated front seats
Self dimming mirror with Homelink Gen3
Cute little baby subwoofer
Moved rear seat back ≈3"
Yoda headlights with relay harness & Hella 509 Fogs

4.7L custom stroker with Russ Pottenger provided innards including:

Forged pistons ≈ 9.8:1 compression
Russ P&P head with LS valves & springs
1.65 ratio roller rockers
Nitrided Comp Cams 261*/269* duration, .494/.513 lift, 111 LSA bump stick
Port matched intake manifold
68mm throttle body
3" piping Windstar cowl intake w/velocity stack
Doug Thorley later style 2 piece headers
Full 3" exhaust w/Apex "quiet button" :-)
Big honkin e-fan and auxillary pusher fan