1. Andrés Uribe

    Rubicon 2006: From tires 30.5 to 33

    Hi Friend I own Rubicon TJ 2006 with Stock tires 30.5 inches (wheel 16) and planning to change to 33 inches tires (and keep the same wheel 16) Should I buy and install a lift suspension kit 2.5 inches ? Or are there any other easier way like just some kind of additional body supports or...
  2. PowderFactory

    High Elevation Gear Ratio - 33's - 6-Speed (NSG370)

    Okay, I know there are a million posts about gearing (and I think I've read them all) but here is another! I could really use some last minute advice before I get my Jeep regeared. I am currently running 33" takeoffs, and may go up to 34" tires (285/75/17) in the future when the current tires...
  3. 06LJR

    Alabama 2006 Rubicon "Moab" wheels & KM2 tires, set of 5

    I'm ready to let go of this set of five stock Moab wheels with 285/75-R16E BFG KM2 tires. Some wheels have smudges, but no gouges. They all balance up just fine. They were on my 2006 LJR and I rotated all five. There's a bit of cupping just started, but they've worn pretty flat across and the...
  4. Hickey129

    Tennessee MTZ 33-12.50-15

    new spare tire with factory Jeep wheel , the wheel is in excellent condition,tire is like new condition does have a couple of run marks on the back from the tire carrier never on the pavement local sale for now
  5. C

    Set of 4 33X12.50R15 BFG KM2 tires

    I picked up 4 BFG km2s with good tread. 2 have 9/32 and 2 have 7/32. They came with 20/32 so 2 have almost half tread. No plugs or patches. Asking $250 for all 4. One brand new tire is $230 so I think that's a fair price. Will trade for all-terrain tires.
  6. CB-TJ99

    Trxus 33/12.5 R15

    I have 5 Trxus 33/12.5 R15 tires on Dirk Cepek wheels. Good condition. Less then 8K miles on them. Wheels need a good polishing but in good condition. I’m in NH. Asking $1200 Chris
  7. Tj04

    What brands are true to the sidewall dimensions

    In the market for new tires, i have KO2 30x9.5r15 now, which barely measure 29 inches, and that's the spare with no wear. PSI is whatever it says on the sidewall, i think its 38. Don't have jeep in front of me to check. What brands of tires are true to their size? Im looking for 33s that are...