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    Banks Turbo Kit Discontinued

    Gales Banks Power has discontinued the Sidewinder turbo kit. Bank's states they will continue to offer tech and parts support. Source inside Banks states that the pre-2005 installations were having trouble passing smog tests and could require new programing and/or equipment along with CARB...
  2. R

    Bye Bye Banks

    Just got off the phone with Banks turbo in California. They have discontinued making products for the TJ. They also said that they have no plans to continue to make replacement parts. Glad I called and didn't just order the kit from a retailer. Guess it's back to looking at Stroker engines.
  3. Forty

    Banks exhaust

    The guy I purchased my tj from straight piped it and had the exhaust angling down in the middle/rear of the jeep which inturn melted the bushing on the passenger rear upper control arm . So I decided to purchase and afternarket exhaust instead of going factory, and after a little research and...