cargo mat

  1. inkedrose

    BedTred cargo mat

    Searched posts, everything I found was a few years old. I know several people said they had purchased these BedTred but it all seemed like all new purchases. How's longevity? Do they hold up? I have to run top on 1/2 the year. Between snow, mud and two dogs my jeep smells rancid. Any downside on...
  2. TRevs

    SOLD Husky Cargo Mat for LJ (Black)

    Used Husky mat for cargo area of LJ. $60. I replaced mine with Weathertech. Will ship at buyer's expense. Local pickup in San Antonio until ~end of May 2021, then in Centennial CO. (previously listed as a full set with footwell mats, but those sold.) Good-Very Good condition. Normal...