1. connorwfrench

    Built Dana 30 with 5.13 gears vs Built Dana 44 with 5.38 gears

    2004 Jeep LJ Auto 42RLE Dana 30/Dana 44 Have 35s waiting to be put on. I’ve seen recommendations for my setup at 5.38 gears, but the front Dana 30 can only do 5.13. Should i try to find a front rubicon Dana 44 to get the larger size R&P to fit? Plan on building both axles up to support 35s with either choice...
  2. DEValken

    YJ Dana 30 gear set in TJ?

    I'm (maybe was) re-gearing from 3.73 to 4.10 - I was given the 4.10's out of a (year unknown) TJ YJ with the same Dana 30/Dana 35 setup. If I had to purchase everything, I would have stepped up to 4.88, but for free (just needed bearing kits) (and I enjoy working on her) I could get a little bump in a...
  3. VodkaMan

    Swapping out a Dana 35 for Dana 44

    Hi, Was wondering if I swapped out my rear Dana 30 diff and axles will a Dana 44 diff and axles bolt right in using the rest of the existing stuff on the car? Such as is the brakes, hubs, ball joints, Cs, knuckles, and steering the same? Thanks
  4. Bullfrog

    What kind of locker for Dana 30 axle?

    2002 Sahara. 4.0L auto trans. 8.8 rear with LSD. 4.56 gears front and rear. 6" long arm lift on 33's. My question is what locker are y'all using? Pros and cons? I don't want to go air or electric. So lunchbox (aussie,spartan, lock-right) or Grizzly locker? I do drive highway and wheel...
  5. Chris

    How to identify axles on a Jeep Wrangler TJ (and what the difference is with each axle)

    I'm surprised an article like this didn't already exist on the site, especially given the number of people who ask how to identify which axles they have on their Jeep Wrangler TJ. The goal here is to give future TJ owners and new TJ owners a guide on how to identify which axles they have under...
  6. StG58

    XJ front axle into 99 TJ

    A good friend at work was telling me about some young lads who got themselves into a bit of a pickle out in the woods a week or so ago. The lads dropped a late model Cherokee into a mud hole and buried it pretty well, hydro locking the engine and basically thrashing out the drive train...
  7. Chris

    How to install Alloy axle tube seals

    NOTE: Since this article was written a number of years ago, Alloy USA has undergone some changes. In my humble opinion, it is not the company it use to be and the quality isn't there anymore. Ron Stobaugh, who was the driving force behind Alloy USA, has parted ways with them and started a new...