forced induction

  1. R

    New Mexico Kenne Bell Supercharger

    Kenne Bell Super charger, bolts on to Jeep 4.0 with PCM. 5 PSI pulley, comes with extra belt, K&N intake filter kit and water intercooler kit! $2800 cash takes it, buyer pays shipping. *can be used on multiple years of Jeep 4.0, comes with tuned PCM for 2004
  2. Yoshisaur

    PT Cruiser turbo swap???

    so i have a 2003 tj with a 4cyl i did a little research and i have the same engine as a pt cruiser.. my question is will the turbo on a pt cruiser be a direct fit and would it work?
  3. Chris

    Boosted Technologies Eaton M90 Supercharger Kit

    There's a new (well kind of new) company out there that sells Eaton M90 supercharger kits for our Wrangler TJs. A lot of people may have heard of Cobra Marty or Those guys have been around for a long time on the forums selling Eaton M62 kits. Well, the entire time they...